You don’t have to wait until Monday to get started

I don’t now how many times I hear these two phrases. 1. I’ll start tomorrow. 2. I’ll just wait until Monday.

Of course, depending on your self discipline, maybe a Monday is a good plan for you. But what if it isn’t? Did you know that you really don’t HAVE to start on a Monday? Yes, that is right, you heard my loud and clear, you don’t not have to have Day 1 on a Monday.

I think people over look that fact the calendars that come with the programs usually say Day 1, Day 2. Few actually say Monday, Tuesday!



Rev Abs

So here is what I suggest. Start your program on a SATURDAY!! I know cray cray right? But listen to this! What is the hardest part of the week to stay on track? The weekend! Butttt, when are you most motivated to stay on track? Usually the first 3-4 days! Even if your program does state a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday schedule, cross that out and put Saturday above Monday and go from there! Because honestly the DAY you start doesn’t matter, I do recommend that you do the program in the order they trainer has it set up. They do that for a reason, muscle confusion, so you get the best results, as quick as possible, and in a healthy way!

So forget about Monday!! Start whenever you want to!! I bet you will be more likely to finish it! 😉 You are more likely to do what you want, not what someone “tells” you to do :p

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