Ultimate Reset: Day 4 & 2D Project

Today marks 4 days DOWN of Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset!! I actually am still so excited to be doing this!! I have been reading some other’s blogs to see what their experiences have been. Some people have had headaches and body aches.. stuff along those lines. For me, I haven’t had any headache (besides the little one I had last night, which I think it was because I was tired). When I woke up this morning I felt pretty well rested, actually woke up like 10 mins before my alarm went off.. coincidence? ehh maybe?

Breakfast was a little on the go. I know we are supposed to be mindful while we are eating, but I didn’t really have a choice since I had class at 9:00 am and I was an hour and a half away at my boyfriends. I was sooooo glad today was something eat and kind of grab and go for breakfast. I had some blackberries and raspberries, greek yogurt, and a piece of whole wheat toast! I popped the toast in the toaster and washed my fruit. The fruit was really easy to eat in the car, as was the toast. Then it was time for the yogurt, note to self, never try to eat yogurt while driving again. I would imagine it is basically the same as trying to put on make up while driving hahaha. I made it through okay, but I will not be doing that again!

I got back to my apartment and went to class. I’ll have to vent about that class in a post another time! I was pretty hungry by the time my class was over. I ate breakfast at 7:00am but had class 9-11:30!! I got home took my supplements, then finally got to eat around 12:30. This was the first time I was actually pretty hungry during the reset so far. I was perfectly fine after eating my lunch! Today was sushi, just like I had for dinner last night. I also had lentil lime salad and a microsalad. The sushi is deff growing on me! I just wish it was easier to cut!!

Day 4 Lunch: Sushi, Lentil Lime salad, and microsalad.
Day 4 Lunch: Sushi, Lentil Lime salad, and microsalad.


I had a nice long break between my classes today. I was able to shower and have a phone meeting with my Beachbody Success partner, and do a few other things! I went to class, came home and ate my snack! I had multi-grain crackers and some peanut butter, that wasn’t a combo on the snack sheet, but pb and an apple was and there was crackers and hard boiled eggs, so I just switched the protein a little!! I decided I would be productive today. We have a project due Wednesday for my 2D Design class. I brought it home since we started it in class today.

We had an assignment over the weekend to make shapes have have them UNITE and DIVIDE and a few other tasks. Then in class today we had to pick one and do a project with it. These two pictures are my progress so far.

2D design


2D design 2


I will have to keep you updated on how they turn out!! So after I painted a little I made dinner. Dinner tonight was Quinoa, stri-fry, and cucumber and tomato salad. All I have to say is, making that stir-fry was SCARY!!! You have to put the oil on high heat!! Well it was popped and scaring me hahahaha! it tasted AMAZING though, so worth it!! I then prepped lunch for tomorrow since I will be on campus for lunch.

Day 4 Dinner: Quinoa, cucumber and tomato salad, and stir fry
Day 4 Dinner: Quinoa, cucumber and tomato salad, and stir fry


After dinner I watch a little tv with my roommate and decided it was almost time for bed! I am pretty tired now and just want to go to bed! I told myself that I will just post on here and then LIGHTS OUT!! So goodnight everyone!


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