The Inside Scoop: 21 Day Fix Extreme


If you have social media or a TV you most likely have heard of the FAMOUS 21 Day Fix program that hit the shelves and didn’t stop for months and months! It was launched in Feb 2014 and was on back order until about April, cray crayyy, right?! Well, it was like that for a reason. Beachbody is known for its amazing at home workout programs. Though they ALL come with a nutrition guide, most people look past it, or only do it 50%. The secret to the 21 Day Fix, in my opinion are two things; 1. portion control is the focus of the program, meaning that you can’t oversee it and 2. it is only 21 days and you see progress SO FAST! Everyone would keep working out if they saw results in as little as 3 or 4 days! I know it was sureee motivation for me 🙂

I did the 21 Day Fix in February, and lost 7 pounds! I honestly wanted to do the program because it was new and exciting, and thought 3 pounds or so would have been nice to lose. But I felt AMAZING! I loved it, and I STILL use the containers daily! I AM ready though to take it up to the next level, and THIS is def my plan! 21 Day Fix Extreme still has 30 minute workouts, and easy portion control, and well, here, I’ll let you watch in amazement!!

Doesn’t that just make you SOOOOOO excited!? I mean, seriously, how can you not want to get in the best shape of your life after watching that video!? There is something about seeing what you body is capable of that gets me so motivated! Is that just me? hahah maybe! 😡

I don’t know about you, but I will be breaking out my 21 Day fix in January and do a round of that, and then Feb 2nd, I WILL BE READY to take on the 21 Day Fix Extreme!! I did put my email in to the collector, because I want to know all I can, I am sure you do too! ARE YOU READY!?

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