Cry It Out: In The Moment Of Night One

Check out my Facebook LIVE I did from night one of resorting to the cry it out [CIO]. If you want to read more on how we made the decision to try out the CIO method, you can read about that right here, Sleep Training Decisions!

I would also like to add, in case you don’t continue to follow the other nights, and morning afters of our CIO journey, we did end up taking out the DockAtot. I wouldn’t recommend STARTING to use one when they are older. There are age restrictions for a reason :p (keep scrolling for a night one UPDATE video!)

CIO. Night one

Posted by Alyssa Rae Barnes on Tuesday, September 26, 2017


CIO night one : update

Posted by Alyssa Rae Barnes on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Shine Bright and find Success in 2015

Is it just me, or is anyone else SHOCKED that 2014 is over, and we are already half way through January of 2015!!! I mean seriously, I know they say the days go faster as you got older, but a whole year just flew by! I was NOT warned about that!!!

Whether I can help it or not 2015 is knocking on the door. But for before I answer I need to be completely prepared. This year is going to be MY year. I can just feel it. I sat down the other day and reflected on this past year. What accompaniments I have made, the ones I missed, and the ones i was afraid to even think about a year ago.

In 2014 I:
:: Graduated from college with my bachelors degree
:: Got my first “real” job
:: Then quickly made Beachbody my full-time job
:: Got engaged
:: Planned a wedding
:: Made AMAZING new friends and couldn’t be more thankful for all my other friends
:: Saw a lot of people’s “true colors”
:: Realized that I CAN be successful, and WILL reach for the stars
:: Grew my team to a point I never thought I could
:: Became a Diamond Coach
:: Moved to a new town

I am sure I did so much more, but I am not going to bore you– HeHe!!

However, 2015 is going to be HUGEEEE! I have big goals; personal and business wise. We live in a time that YOU have complete control over your future. You can graduate with a degree and still get a good job in a completely different field. You can skip college and use your life experiences to take you to the top.

>> Seriously, NOTHING is stopping you!! <<

Get EXCITED about your life!! I honestly didn’t know how to do this until I became a coach. Then it was like the little light bulb in my brain went on! It was amazing. It was awesome. Now, I realized that if I have a vision of what i want, and I know what I need to do to get there, NO ONE is stopping me. But why should they! They should grab your hand and say, “How can I help?”

If you don’t have those people in your life, FIND THEM! RIGHT NOW!!! Have you ever heard the say, ” You act more like the closest people your surround yourself with.”? It is totally true! Find those people that want what you want. Reach out to them!! You never know where you will end up!!

I want to help you get there! I have 5 spots open for my next exclusive training. I want to help you find success. See that vision you are totally capable of having!! Is this for you? You may never know until you ask or try!

Coach Invite
Please feel free to apply here, and I will get back to you in a day or two! >>

Wineglass Marathon: Take Two

I signed up last year to do the Wineglass marathon. I was SO EXCITED! A lot happened last year through out training and I just wasn’t into it, body or mind. Which is just impossible if you are training for a marathon, you honestly, truly need to be IN it! I just wasn’t and I made the decision to defer it. (thank goodness for that option!)

Here I am here now to give you the amazing news! I am committing once again to the Wineglass marathon!!!! Stay tuned for my training and my progress! I can’t wait to share this journey with you!

marathon announcent

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review

So sorry I am a few weeks behind on this!! my computer decided it didn’t like to connect to the internet anymore 🙁 Oh well, I figured out a way to get it to work, so i am back in business!!

After thinking about it, I kind of like the fact that I didn’t write a review that day after I was done with the Reset. The reason being that now I had a chance to get back to my “normal” life and see how things have changed for me!

So as a total I lost 10.8 pounds! YUPP almost 11 pounds GONE! I was really surprised, because honestly I didn’t think I had THAT much to lose. However, the places that I was the most focused on losing the weight is where I saw the BEST results. It is almost like my body was like okay, lets keep a little of the fat here, lets lose A LOT here, and just a tad over there! I know that isn’t the way it works, but it fits! I was really hoping to see the most weight loss in my lower stomach, hips, and thighs. To my surprise, those are the EXACT areas that I think most of the 10.8 pounds came from.

M energy was super high, I was in an AMAZING mood almost all the time. I did get a cold during the third week. That put me down a little, but it was bound to happen when you babysit 5 kids and at least 2 were sick every time I babysat! It wasn’t a bad cold, just a little head one!!

I work wake up totally refreshed in the morning, and fall asleep at night with no issue at all. I have an incredibly busy schedule, so I think if I could pull this off, ANYONE can do it!

I think I would have been nice to do it with a buddy, if someone I lived with did it with me, I think it would have made things 100xs easier. You could take turns cooking, or at least not have everyone else eating something different than you! haha

Okay, I think I am ready to show my before and after pictures!!! I know the before pictures aren’t all that great 🙁 but they were the best I could do with awful college apartment lighting and no sun outside!! haha


Altogether I would say that this was an AMAZING experience. Over the past 6 months I have really gotten deep down in in tune with my body on all sorts of levels. Training and running a half marathon was my first experience. It taught my body how to not say no its itself and how to push past the “I can’t” voice in my head. It also made me so aware of how the body works, body, mind and soul. Doing the Ultimate reset was my last piece to totally understand my body. It made me realize how my body worked with the food I was providing for it. I was now aware of the feelings I got while digesting certain foods and the outcomes of those foods. I learned how to eat different foods I never thought I would ever try in a million years. This experience has also taught me that I DO have time to prepare healthy meals and lunches on the go. I was only making excuses before, now I know there aren’t any excuses big enough to interfere with a healthy lifestyle.

I did not keep eating vegan, however, I did cut back on my dairy. I am cautious of adding cheese to different healthy foods. There are a ton of recipes I still use, and LOVE THEM!! If you have any personal questions for me on my experience please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at!!

Half Marathon Training

Hello! Today I want to share my training schedule I did to train for the Disney Half Marathon!!


To start off i would just like each and everyone of you to know that although I USED to be a pretty decent runner, the past ummm 3 years, I have not done anything over 3 miles, let along 3 miles at a good pace! So I want you to know that it IS possibly for anyone to do! Stop making excuses for yourself, sign up for a race, and just DO IT!!

So late August I signed up for the Disney Half Marathon that would be taking place in January. At the time if signing up I was doing 3 miles in about 30 mins, nothing to spectacular, only thing was, I could NOT do anything longer than that! Yes, call me crazy! Looking back I was, but I am SOOOO glad that I did what I did.

After finally signing up they gave me a workout plan to follow for beginners. The plan was basically 30 mins on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then an increase of 2 miles every other Saturday and 3 miles on the other Saturdays.

I really liked this schedule, and at first kind of followed it. I started my training the beginning of September. PERFECT weather!!! I pretty much ran everyday though. I did run a little in August.

To make it easy, here are the dates, distances, times, and mph for my training.

August 2012

8/22/2012: 1.58 miles –> 15:06 minutes –> 6.28 mph

8/23/2012: 1.57 miles –> 15:15 minutes –> 6.18 mph

8/25/2012: 3.01 miles –> 30:04 minutes  –> 6.01 mph

8/26/2012: 1.52 miles –> 17:19 minutes –> 5.26 mph

8/27/2012: 3.14 miles –> 30:11 minutes –> 6.24 mph

8/28/2012: 2:00 miles –> 18:08 minutes –> 6.63 mph

8/30/2012: 1.98 miles –> 18:20 minutes –> 6.48 mph


September 2012

9/13/2012: 3.50 miles –> 36:00 minutes –> 5.84 mph

9/14/2012: 3:06 miles –> 29:32 minutes –> 6.22 mph

9/15/2012: 4.00 miles –> 41:15 minutes –> 5.82 mph

9/19/2012: 3.04 miles –> 27:28 minutes –> 6.64 mph

9/21/2012: 3.20 miles –> 32:38 minutes –> 5.89 mph

9/22/2012: 2.00 miles –> 17:59 minutes –> 6.68 mph

9/25/2012: 1.08 miles –> 13:01 minutes –> 4.98 mph

9/26/2012: 3.25 miles –> 30:03 minutes –> 6.49 mph

9/27/2012: 3.24 miles–> 29:12 minutes –> 6.67 mph

9/30/2012: 5.01 miles–> 45:30 minutes –> 6.60 mph


October 2012

10/2/2012: 2.19 miles –>21:04 minutes –> 6.23 mph

10/5/2012: 2.00 miles –>16:50 minutes –> 7.14 mph

10/6/2012: 3.18 miles –> 27:26 minutes –> 6.97 mph

10/8/2012: 3.45 miles –> 30:13 minutes –> 6.85 mph

10/9/2012: 3.41 miles –> 30:17 minutes –> 6.77 mph

10/11/2012: 5.26 miles –> 46:14 minutes –> 6.82 mph

10/14/2012: 6.50 miles –> 59:39 minutes –> 6.52 mph

10/16/2012: 3.54 miles –> 30:01 minutes –> 7.08 mph

10/19/2012: 2.91 miles –> 26:13 minutes –> 6.66 mph

10/20/2012: 3.03 miles –>27.11 minutes –> 6.69 mph

10/21/2012: 3.30 miles –>27:20 minutes –> 7.23 mph

10/22/2012: 5.73 miles –>48:39 minutes –> 6.93 mph

10/27/2012: 8.00 miles –> 1:12:13  –> 6.65 mph


November 2012

11/2/2012: 1.11 miles –> 8:37 minutes –> 7.73 mph

11/3/2012: 3.22 miles –>28:45 minutes –> 6.72 mph

11/6/2012: 3.21 miles –> 26:11 minutes–> 7.35 mph

11/11/2012: 7.62 miles –> 57:23 minutes –> 7.96 mph

11/13/2012: 2.71 miles –> 22:57 minutes –> 7.09 mph

11/22/ 2012: 8.97 miles –>1:20:45 –> 9:00 min/ mile


December 2012

12/1/2012: 8.86 miles –> 1:21:58 –> 9:15 min/ mile

12/3/2012: 3.51 miles –> 29:34 minutes –> 7.11 mph

12/5/2012: 3.34 miles –> 29:31 minutes –> 6.78 mph

12/7/2012: 2.95 miles –> 26:02 minutes –> 8:50 min/mile

12/17/2012–> 6.20 miles –>55:24 minutes –> 8:56 min/mile

12/21/2012: 6.39 miles –>56:35 minutes –> 8:51 min/mile

12/27/12: 13.00 miles –> 2:02:19 –> 6.38 mph


January 2013

1/6/2012:5.14 miles –> 48:30 minutes –> 9:26 min/mile

1/10/2013: 2.32 miles –> 21:05 minutes –> 6.58 mpg

1/12/2013: 13.10 miles –> 2:02:03 –>I’m not sure because I didn’t stop my watch when I finished and walked around, so walking would really bring my average down! hahah This was race day by the way 🙂



My goal was 2 hours and 30 mins. I finished in almost a half hour under that!! My other goal was to have about 9:00 minutes miles. I came pretty close to that although I know my first 3 were closer to 10 because it was so crowded, and my last 2 were slower because I was getting tired! hahaha


All in all I am very proud of myself!  Feel free to use this!! Strive to be the best you can be! 🙂

runDisney Half Marathon 2013

This past weekend was probably one of the BIGGEST weekends of my life thus far!! I know I just started this blog, so you probably didn’t know that I was training for my very first half marathon! I will go over my training in another blog incase you are wondering how I got to where I am! Back in August/September I decided to sign up for the Disney Half Marathon. At the time this was a LONG SHOT for me! I was barely doing 3 miles in under 30 minutes. Although I hadn’t started to train yet, I signed up anyways (this is why I believe that if you PAY for something, you will get it done, especially if it is a big chunk of change!)

OKAYYY! So onto my wonderful weekend!! My boyfriend and I went together, we flew out Thursday morning. Since I was going to be running in a few days, I was NOT about to get sick!! I drank my Shakeology for breakfast and then in the air port I had a clementine for a snack (along with string cheese and apples!)image

We stayed at a Disney Resort, Port Orleans. Now, I have only ever stayed at a time share when I went to Disney. Time shares are a lot like apartments, the Resorts are basically themed hotels. Well this one was CRAZY! It was a little over the top if you ask me. Our room was Princess Style. All decked out in Cinderella and Snow White and Princess Jasmine… It wasn’t really that bad, but it was a TOTAL SHOCK when we first walked into the room. Mostly because we looked at pictures when we booked it, but this was NOT what we saw! HAHA!!image_1

After getting settled in and grabbing a little something to eat, I figured I should go for a run!! It felt so AMAZINGGGG to wear shorts and a tee shirt running again! I haven’t worn a wardrobe  like that in 3 months to run! I do have to admit, I was a little scared when I was running. It was a pretty humid night. It was tough to breath and all I kept thinking about was what if that was what the weather was going to be like during the morning for me race! What if I had a hard time breathing for a whole 13.1 miles!!! Needless to say I was really worrying over NOTHING!image_2

Moving onto the next day…

Now it was Friday! I woke up and went to get a little breakfast… I kid you not, EVERYTHING is Disney this past weekend revolved around this race! Even getting off of the plane the flight attendant asked who was coming into Orlando to run, about 25 people raised their hands from what I could see! I was only going to get a bagel, but saw this! It came with a little bit of everything, and the perfect foods for the prep day of a race!image_4

As the day goes on I went and sat by the pool to read for a little, then get ready and went to the Expo! This was at the ESPN Sports Zone. Traffic was HORRIBLE! It took us about an hour to go three miles! Of course I’d say that 89% of the people in Disney that weekend were participating in the race events, so obviously everyone was going to the same places! The expo was pretty cool, I finished and finalized my registration, got my bib number and bag, then I went to change my proof of time. I was SO GLAD I did this. When I originally signed up I put my estimated time to finish as 3 hours! As I went on with my training I decided my goal was 2.5 hours. I did a 9 mile race Thanksgiving morning, I used that as my proof of time and got moved from Corral F to Corral B!! That got me so pumped and READY to do this race! There were vendors of all sorts at this Expo, the line to get into the building (shown on the left in the picture below) was SO LONG! At least the line moved at a decent pace! Then we decided to leave because it was so crowded you could hardly move or even think! We made our way back down to the bus and I got my picture taken with my bib number!! (second photo down)


Since my race STARTED at 5:30AM we were in bed by about 8:00pm! I was surprised how well i slept for being so excited!! I woke up a few times, but fell right back to sleep (thankfully!) The morning was very rushed. I set my alarm for 2:45 am! I was dreading it setting that time, but honestly, I was too excited to even think about it when the alarm rang. I ate a little something and got myself together. We headed for the bus for 3:30am. The lady in change of the bus stop when we went to the expo told us to catch the 3:30 bus but deff no later than 4:00 to get there and have enough time to get situated and everything. Well we got the the bus stop around 3:30.. we waited.. and waited.. and waited! it was about 4:00 maybe a little after and a bus FINALLY stopped for us! There were other buses that went past, but they were ALL FULL! So we got on the bus, then got stuck in traffic!! We got off the bus in Epcot around 5:10am. I was almost freaking out! My race started in 20 mins and I had no clue where to go or what to do! So I walked really really fast with the group of others getting off the bus. I quickly handed my bag and sweatshirt to Evan and I went with the crowd of people. All I could hear was the announcer saying that were was 18 mins to start time and a 15 min walk from the bus drop off to the starting line! i pushed my way through the people who seemed to be taking their good old time and made my way to the front. I saw my Corral B sign and a little bit of weight was lifted off my shoulders. I walked up to it, noticed I was on THE WRONG SIDE OF THE FENCE! Without thinking I climbed up and jumped over! Surprisingly my clumsiness didn’t decide to take action and let me fall flat on my face! I was finally in my starting position. Before I knew it they were setting off fireworks to start off the wheelchair racers, 5 mins later it was Corral A, then 5 LONG mins later, it was my turn, time for Corral B to step to to the starting line. 3..2..1 FIREWORKs go off, and everyone takes off…. WALKING!?image_6

I was pretty surprised and actually a little disappointed! The slow start put me about 2 mins behind for the first two miles. In a way I am kind of glad they all didn’t take off sprinting! Crossing that start line and waving to the camera felt AMAZING, to say the least. I am really glad i decided to run with my phone because then I had the opportunity to take pictures and videos while I ran! I have a few videos I will try to upload for you! I must apologize in advance because I was RUNNING while taking these, most are all over the place! — Especially the last one when I am nearing and then crossing the finish line, I got a little carried away and forgot I was recording!.

They had bands, and choirs, back drops, disney characters, scenes, DJs, and everything else you could possibly imagine! There were a few spots on the interstate that didn’t have much to them. They did have people flying these really cool kite things though in some of the boring places! There were photographers EVERYWHERE taking pictures of you as you go. Have a mentioned all the people yet!? Okay, to start off I am pretty sure they said that 25,000 people were running the half marathon that Saturday! So crazy, but I believe it. The amount of people there was just breathe-taking. Now for the spectators. I can not thank these people enough! They got up and supported each and every runner out there. There had to be THOUSANDS of fans standing along the course with banners and noise makers yelling and cheering as we all ran past. The BEST part I think was going though Cinderella’s Castle, they blew horns as you entered, ran, through, and coming out on the other side saw AT LEAST 500 people waiting and cheering!

I also need to take time in here to give gratitude to all the people working the water stations, the medical stations, the people in costume, anyone that had a part in this process deserves a medal as well! They were all do helpful, motivating, and accommodating in every way possible!

So everything went SO SMOOTH, until mile 4 or 5. It was still dark out and we were making our way under this little bridge/over pass thing. There was the road, and then a concrete drainage type crevasse, well that turned into a SIDEWALK! I was in the process of trying to get around someone. I was concentrating on not getting in their way or tripping them or myself. Well, what happens? I fell, I slid, I wiped out! However, I just got right back up and kept on going. There was no point in stopping to see if I was bleeding because i wouldn’t have been able to do anything until I got to a medical station anyway! I shook it off and continued on with my race. image_9


I don’t even care that I fell, I would have been bad if I would have hurt myself enough that i couldn’t continue, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. The race was SO MUCH FUN. I loved literally almost every minute of it. The time between miles 12 and 13 were a little rough. All I could hear was people shouting, ” You are almost done!” “You did it!” “You are in the home stretch!” All of that is very encouraging, but makes that mile seem to go on FOREVER!!! the last 0.10 mile was AWESOME though! I finished and received my medal!! They showered me with water, Powerade, and snacks! It was an amazing feeling and experience. My goal was to finish in under 2 hours and 30 minutes.. well I am happy to say that my ending time was…


If you have ever thought about doing a Disney race, DO IT!! It is SOOOO worth it. If you do decide to go, I have a few tips for you.

#1. Stay on Disney Property. It is so convenient to walk to a bus stop to take you everywhere you need to go. Plus they have a bus service to take you to and from the airport, no rental car is necessary!

#2. Make meal reservations ahead of time. If you know of places you really want to eat, call before you leave for your trip to make your reservation, you can make a meal reservation up to ~180 days ahead of time at Disney. If you don’t know, I recommend making a plan as soon as you get here and see where there is to go, and make the reservations for the entire weekend.

#3. Take a small gym bag. I recommend taking a drawstring gym back with you. They provide you with a very large bag with everything you need for the race, but the bag is not practical. Take your own, plus it will not get mixed up with any of the other thousands of bag that look like yours.

#4. Get the bus early. I highly recommend this for the morning of the race, but you can use the same advice for anything bus related during the race weekend. Give yourself an hour and a half time frame to get where you need to go. So if you know the bus ride is 20 mins to get from A to B and you want to be there by 12:30.. don’t go for the bus at 12:00. Try to get to the bus stop between 10:30 and 11:00. The traffic was so backed up it took us an hour to get almost anywhere we needed to be!

#5. The shirts are made BIG. The shirt that are given out for free are co-ed. This means they are not a womens shirt or a mens shirt. I got a small, and it is HUGE on me!! Just a little tip to keep in mine for co-ed events with free clothing!

#6. Spectators. If you have someone or a group with you cheering you on, have them go to the rundisney website and sign up to track the runner. It will make things a lot easier, and most enjoyable for them to know where you are and how you are doing!

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