Feeding Baby: Homemade Avocado

I think it is safe to say that most of us are, or at least try to be, conscious of what we use to fuel our bodies. As adults we have been through the active teen years where you could eat everything and anything; the college years when we experience at some point the inevitable “freshman 15”, even if it was our super senior year… [HA!], and the young adult life where you are just searching and waiting for life to “settle down” or a change to happen… ahh I don’t want to get too far off the main subject here, our BABIES!

The point I was trying to make is, you have been there done that with food. You know what is GOOD for you, and what isn’t. You know the fresh greens provide vitamins and minerals and a double cheeseburger does not. So, if you KNOW these simple pros and cons of certain foods, it should be a no-brainer when it comes to feeding your little offspring 😉

My little girl is just over 4.5 months old. Before I get any backlash, I have done my research and have considered all pros and cons of when to start her on solids. She’s been showing the signs of being ready since she was just over 3 months old, and as her parents, my husband and I decided she was more than ready to start! Plus, we of course got the go ahead from her pediatrician.

Unfortunately our poor baby was a little backed up (before we started foods) so we started with prunes! She’s probably one of the only babies out there who got their first taste of foods and it was prunes… but since that was my first time preparing, I made some mistakes, however things went better with the avocado! So, that is why I am sharing the homemade avocado recipe with you!

Feeding Baby: Homemade Avocado

-Mixing bowel
-Measuring Tablespoon
-Freezing Tray
-Glass Jar or Freezer Bag

-Avocado (I used two)

1. Cut your avocado(s) in half, discard the pit. If you have some small light brown spots, that is okay, but you can scoop them out and discard if it makes you feel better.
2. Scoop out all contents of the avocado. During this step you can either scoop into a bowl and mash with a fork, or place directly in the blender.

** If using a blender, I recommend using at least 2 avocados because otherwise the mush will stick to the sides if there isn’t enough in thereto keep it going!
3. In the blender at 1 Tablespoon of water per avocado, if just using a bowl and fork, wait to add water until mostly mashed.

4. Divide into portions. I put them right in freezer trays and froze them (especially with avocado since it browns so fast, and I don’t feel comfortable adding lime juice to her foods right away) Once frozen, pop out and place in a freezer bag, or a glass storage unit of some type!

A few tips that I would like to share! I am NOT an expert by any means, this is my second time in my life attempting to make baby food. But, the first piece of advice I can give; is to not use breastmilk in the prepping phase. This just makes it way easier in the thawing process. Using some water or other liquid, you can heat it up, with breastmilk in it, you cannot do that! So, if you are like me and do want to have breastmilk in it for aiding in digestion and the added nutrients, do yourself a favor and add it right before serving it!

My second piece of advice is use LESS THAN a full tablespoon when freezing portions. they recommend 1 tablespoon per serving when starting off, however if you freeze a full tablespoon, and then plan on adding breastmilk to thin or for the nutrients, you’ll end up with more than a recommended serving. Starting with less, you’ll have about a tablespoon when you add breastmilk, or other liquids right before a feeding! 🙂

PS. She really liked the prunes, but she isn’t really a fan of the avocado… must take after her mama on that one!

Stay tuned, next we are going to try either peas or green beans!!

Proper Nutrition is Right at your Fingertips

I have a serious question for you!

••Did you know that all workouts come with a nutrition guide? ••

Each and every one of the programs Beachbody has created comes with a totally guide to eating RIGHT. They take that particular program and tell you what you need nutrition wise to get the results you want.

nutrition guide with each program

+nutrition 101
+jump-start meal plan
+calorie calculations
+recipes/food options
+meal plans

You press play on the program because you paid for it… Why not eat the way they tell you to because you pay for that information as well?

You are investing in more that just a DVD series. You are investing in your fitness, in your health, in your nutrition, in your mood/energy, in your family/loved ones, and most importantly, in YOURSELF.

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Roasted Root Medley

This dish right here is one of my all time favorites!! If you would have told me the ingredients in this AMAZING dinner, I would have never even touched it 😡

If you look back to some of the older posts, I did the Beachbody Ultimate Reset (www.myultimatereset.com/alyssaraeb), and one of the reasons was to broaden my food palette. I was such a picky eater! I loved pasta and pizza, and didn’t stray too far from those two foods. Once I started on a healthier lifestyle (after I outgrew my ” I can eat whatever I want and not gain a single pound” years) I decided I needed to find recipes that I LOVED, and WANTED to eat! Which, let’s be honest, it can be challenging at first! Sooo, the Ultimate Reset really helped me out, and of course a little weight loss was on the PLUS side!

The one recipe that I loved and I STILL make very often is the Roasted Root Medley. I am not sure if this is the exact recipe, I think I have changed bits and pieces here and there to make it my own (I really don’t remember!)

So the ingredients are super cheap and easy to find!


  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Sweet Potato
  • Onion
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Pink Himalayan Salt


Now, of course you will first want to wash your vegetables! I like seeing dirt, because  know there is a lower chance of weird waxes or anything on them! When you live in the middle of PA it makes it a little hard to get fresh fruits and vegetables from a farmers market all year round. I do what I can and buy from them while I can though!

image_1Step one: Wash the carrots! I usually use one large, or 2 small/medium carrots. It all just depends on how much you want to make! 2-3 small carrots are enough for about 2 servings from what I have found. Then chop carrots up in about 1 inch pieces, small enough to be bite size, yet not too big that they will take forever to bake all the way through!

image_2Step two: Wash your sweet potato! I use either one large or most of two small sweet potatoes. You will be surprised how far just ONE will go! After you scrub it down, peel the skin off and any blemishes that you see. Or anything you wouldn’t want to eat :p Then, just like with the carrots, chop into about 1 inch cubes. I find that placing the sweet potatoes in the microwave for a minute or two helps tremendously for cutting purposes. The first few times I made this I may have had a large cutting knife, but recently, I just COULD NOT cut through those sweet potatoes!! I do have a small knife this time, due to moving around because I am still in college. At this point I also like to start to preheat my oven! I have an oldie so it takes A LONG TIME to heat up! Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F.


image_4Step three: Now it is time to wash and cut the beets! I had a hard time with this one! My knife kept getting stuck!! I warn you to BE CAREFUL if this happens! I didn’t hurt or cut myself, but there were a few close calls! i bet you can guess what the next step is for the beets! We have already washed them, so yup, we are cutting them into about 1 inch cubes!! I personally make them a little smaller because I have grown to “like”beets, but I don’t “love” them! HAHA! So I tend to make those cubes a little smaller. But, hey, feel free to knock yourself out with HUGE beet pieces if you would like! I won’t stop you 🙂


image_6Step four: Onion time!! Yes, the dreaded onion! I don’t know about you, but cutting onions is the WORST part of cooking! I cry and cry an cry, well tears just roll down my face! BUT!!! This time I have tamed it down just a little, if I rinse my knife under cold water between each time I make a cut, it didn’t make my eyes run too terribly! Once again, chop these babies up! These I usually am not too concerned about the size, I just chop up a few handfuls and call it a day.

image_7Now grab your EVOO and Pink Himalayan Salt!! It is time to use these ingredients!

image_8Step five: I like to then move everything to a bigger bowl if I didn’t calculate correctly the first time!! Now that there is room to toss, grab your EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and I usually put about 1-2 tablespoons in, stir everything around a little bit, and see if everything is evenly coated, if not, slowly add more until all vegetables are covered!

image_9Step six: This step is super, super easy!! Just grab a pinch or two of Pink Himalayan Salt!! Then stir in so that it is evenly distributed throughout the entire dish!


image_11Step seven: Now it is time to bake! I personally like to grab a cookie sheet and cover it with foil. (I use a TON of foil! I cook and bake with it or almost every meal!) This just makes a very easy clean up!! So I then pour all of the vegetables into this covered sheet and place it in the oven at 400 degrees F. I would let this bake for 45 minutes to an hour! But every 15-20 mins go ahead and stir these around so they don’t get dried out or burn. Scoop out, and enjoy!!


Spicy Shrimp Pasta

I think it is safe to say that I am not the only person out there OBSESSED with pasta, pizza, just Italian food in general! About a year or so ago I was sitting in my apartment, a poor college student, trying to decide what I wanted for dinner. I love pasta, but I am not really a fan of Alfredo Sauce, and I wasn’t feeling the tomato sauce for once. I have to say, I am SO glad I did! That concoction I came up with that night remains to be one of my fave go to meals! I have ever had others fall in love with this, I hope you do too!

I am going to warn you, I have no written down, specific recipe for this meal, I just went with the flow the first time, and pretty much just do that every time.


The ingredients are simple:

– pasta: I like long thin pasta! The one I used this time has a full serving a vegetables in it! Pay attention to your pastas, what you can find will surprise you!

– EVOO or regular Olive Oil

– SPICES and HERBS! I like to use Basil, Parsley, Pepper, Crushed Red Pepper, garlic, Chili Pepper, and sometimes oregano, or anything along those lines! Be creative 🙂


image_1To set up for this meal, it is so simple! Get a pot to bring water to a boil in, and a pan to sauté the shrimp, and later combine everything together! I usually start to thaw the shrimp in a strainer under warm water. While the shrimp is doing its thingggg, I fill the pot up with water, and turn the burner up to HIGH! Let the water come to a boil and add the spaghetti.



Meanwhile, add a little EVOO or olive oil to the pan, and add the shrimp in at a low heat, I usually use about 3 for the temp. After it gets warmed up a little I add some garlic, and some of the other herbs. If you like it spicier, add some crushed red pepper now! If not, add it later when you add in the pasta!image_3

I let all the flavors be absorbed by the shrimp, tossing it around here and there while the pasta is cooking. It shouldn’t take too long, usually about 10 minutes. Once the pasta is completely cooks, I usually move my pots and pans around just to make everything go smooth, you may or may not feel the need for this step!

image_4All you do next is take the pasta rom the pot, and put it into the pan with the shrimp. You don’t need to worry about dripping water from it, you will want a little liquid in there right away!  Then stir it up a little so that it doesn’t start to stick to the bottom of the pan. At this point I usually turn the heat up to 4 or a little beyond that depending on your stove top.


Once you transfer the pasta over to the shrimp pan, and turn the heat up, you might notice that all the water and liquids are evaporating. No worries! All you have to do is add a little bit more EVOO to the mix! I used to just add some water from the pot, but i ended up drying it out in the end. Adding more oil gives it a very nice finish!

image_5The las step is to add in all the herbs and spices. Just a little bit of this, and a little bit of that! Go with your gut on this. There is no right or wrong way to add these! Even the ingredients you added to just the shrimp, add more now, you will want that flavor in the pasta as well!


Stir it all up and serve! This here is just a serving for one. It is easy to make for one or 7 people. I have made this for myself, me and my boyfriend, and my whole family as well! Just be careful with the Chili Pepper and Crushed Red Pepper, you will be surprised at how spicy things can get with just one shake too many!! That is going to have to come with experimenting!





Inside-Out Shakeology Peanut Butter Cups!

I have not been able to talk to everyone in such a long time! I am so sorry about that! i am going to really work my hardest to post for you ladies and gents more often!! Of course as most of you know I am completely obsessed with SHAKEOLOGY! It has been a game changer for me, as well as many others. However, I do like to switch it up once and a while! I did a little research and came up with Inside out Shakeology Peanut Butter cups!

I was like wow, this is perfect since I have been on a slight candy kick for some reason lately! I have no idea where it came from! So this recipe was really easy, I thought I would give it a try!

The ingredients are simple:

2 table spoons of each: Chocolate Shakeology, coconut oil, water, PB (or PB2)

Then some mini muffin FOIL holders




Step one: Melt Coconut oil. Step two: add PB or PB2 to coconut oil Step three: place Shakeology in a seperate bowl
Step one: Melt Coconut oil.
Step two: add PB or PB2 to coconut oil
Step three: place Shakeology in a seperate bowl

I used regular peanut butter, the recipe called for chocolate PB2. I honestly wish I would have taken the time to go to the store and get the proper ingredient! It wasn’t horrible with regular peanut butter, I just think it would have been AMAZING with chocolate PB2.


Step 4: slowly add water to Shakeology powder. You should eventually see a pudding like mixture. I added more water after taking this picture to get the perfect consistency!
Step 4: slowly add water to Shakeology powder. You should eventually see a pudding like mixture. I added more water after taking this picture to get the perfect consistency!


Step five: place a small amount of PB/Coconut oil in bottom of foil liners, then a layer of Shakeology/ water mixture, then another layer of the PB/ Coconut oil mixture
Step five: place a small amount of PB/Coconut oil in bottom of foil liners, then a layer of Shakeology/ water mixture, then another layer of the PB/ Coconut oil mixture


step six: if you are like me, and forget to put the foils on or in something to keep them stable in the freezer, then you need to transport them!!
step six: if you are like me, and forget to put the foils on or in something to keep them stable in the freezer, then you need to transport them!!


Step seven: place completed cups in freezer for about 45 mins to an hour! then enjoy!! :)
Step seven: place completed cups in freezer for about 45 mins to an hour! then enjoy!! 🙂




Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review

So sorry I am a few weeks behind on this!! my computer decided it didn’t like to connect to the internet anymore 🙁 Oh well, I figured out a way to get it to work, so i am back in business!!

After thinking about it, I kind of like the fact that I didn’t write a review that day after I was done with the Reset. The reason being that now I had a chance to get back to my “normal” life and see how things have changed for me!

So as a total I lost 10.8 pounds! YUPP almost 11 pounds GONE! I was really surprised, because honestly I didn’t think I had THAT much to lose. However, the places that I was the most focused on losing the weight is where I saw the BEST results. It is almost like my body was like okay, lets keep a little of the fat here, lets lose A LOT here, and just a tad over there! I know that isn’t the way it works, but it fits! I was really hoping to see the most weight loss in my lower stomach, hips, and thighs. To my surprise, those are the EXACT areas that I think most of the 10.8 pounds came from.

M energy was super high, I was in an AMAZING mood almost all the time. I did get a cold during the third week. That put me down a little, but it was bound to happen when you babysit 5 kids and at least 2 were sick every time I babysat! It wasn’t a bad cold, just a little head one!!

I work wake up totally refreshed in the morning, and fall asleep at night with no issue at all. I have an incredibly busy schedule, so I think if I could pull this off, ANYONE can do it!

I think I would have been nice to do it with a buddy, if someone I lived with did it with me, I think it would have made things 100xs easier. You could take turns cooking, or at least not have everyone else eating something different than you! haha

Okay, I think I am ready to show my before and after pictures!!! I know the before pictures aren’t all that great 🙁 but they were the best I could do with awful college apartment lighting and no sun outside!! haha


Altogether I would say that this was an AMAZING experience. Over the past 6 months I have really gotten deep down in in tune with my body on all sorts of levels. Training and running a half marathon was my first experience. It taught my body how to not say no its itself and how to push past the “I can’t” voice in my head. It also made me so aware of how the body works, body, mind and soul. Doing the Ultimate reset was my last piece to totally understand my body. It made me realize how my body worked with the food I was providing for it. I was now aware of the feelings I got while digesting certain foods and the outcomes of those foods. I learned how to eat different foods I never thought I would ever try in a million years. This experience has also taught me that I DO have time to prepare healthy meals and lunches on the go. I was only making excuses before, now I know there aren’t any excuses big enough to interfere with a healthy lifestyle.

I did not keep eating vegan, however, I did cut back on my dairy. I am cautious of adding cheese to different healthy foods. There are a ton of recipes I still use, and LOVE THEM!! If you have any personal questions for me on my experience please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at nutritiousfitness2@gmail.com!!

Ultimate Rest Review So far

They say that as you get older your days go by faster and faster. If that is the case I hate to see what my life is like in 5 years from now! It is going to be such a blur! hahaha I hope things will settle down soon enough, and I am sure they will. So I have been really slacking on taking pictures of all my meals. Ugh I know, SO SORRY!!


So right now I am on my last week of the Reset. Thursday will be my last day! So crazy how fast it went! i have to be honest with everyone, I took a cheat day!! I know, I know, it is only 21 days, but I got a really bad cold and the thought of a salad was the farthest thing from my mine! I had some chicken noodle soup, and peanuts butter toast that day. I didn’t eat terrible, just something  a little easier on the stomach.


I took a picture on day 11, I have a comparison here for you!! I lost about 7 pounds so far 🙂 I only see a little difference in the picture, but I don’t think the picture does any justice!

Day 11 Weigh in. Down 7 pounds
Day 11 Weigh in. Down 7 pounds


The only picture I have right now of food is day 14 or 15 dinner. It was a baked sweet potato, quinoa, and garlic veggies! Although I do really like the reset, I will be happy when I can make my own decision on what I want to eat! I know that i can tweak the meals, but I am trying my hardest to stay as close to the meal plan as possible. I figure that they made it like that for a reason! hahaha I am starting to miss my eggs and fish! I don’t really miss the meat too much. Well I would have a Buffalo Chicken Pizza as a cheat meal, I DO miss that!! It is just hard when you are craving other healthy foods, but they are meats or dairy. But I know that this is so worth it!




End of Week One/ Phase One & beginning Week 2

I feel so bad, I have been so so busy that I haven’t had time to post everyday!! I am going to do my best to wrap it up for you!!

Things I have noticed:

1. I have lost about 3 pounds by the end of week one.

2. Woke up sore 2 of the morning, stretched and was A-OK to get on the move!!

3. Breaking out a little in the chin area, its getting a lot better though.

4. Have had cravings for pasta three times, a lot less than I thought I would! 😡

5. Fall RIGHT asleep at night!

6. Wake up well rested.

7. If I don’t drink at least 60 fl oz of water each day I get a headache.

8. Almost all meals can be made to eat on the go!

9. Put the Detox Supplement in the BLENDER!! I plan on starting this tomorrow! i am going to get a water bottle and drink 1/3 of it 30 mins before each meal.


So since I don’t have a bunch of time (again 🙁 ) here are some of the pictures I was able to take!!

Day Six Dinner
Day Six Dinner


Day 7: Breakfast
Day 7: Breakfast


Day 7: Lunch
Day 7: Lunch


Day 8: Breakfast
Day 8: Breakfast


Start of Week 2: Day 8: Dinner
Start of Week 2: Day 8: Dinner


Day 8: Lunch
Day 8: Lunch


Day 9: Breakfast
Day 9: Breakfast


Day 10: Breakfast
Day 10: Breakfast


Day 10: Lunch
Day 10: Lunch


Day 10: Dinner
Day 10: Dinner


Day 11: Breakfast
Day 11: Breakfast


My food prep for Week 2!! I decided to put my salads in bags! It made things so much easier!!
My food prep for Week 2!! I decided to put my salads in bags! It made things so much easier!!












Ultimate reset: Day 5 & Day 6

I am sorry I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday!! My day was CRAZYYYYY, as was today, I don’t know how I have time to sit down and do this! It kind of makes me feel like I am forgetting to do something else…. 😡 hummm. haha OH WELL!!

How about we start off with Day 5. Day 5 was yesterday, Feb. 5th, 2013. It was a Tuesday and I was SUPER BUSY! I woke up and noticed my leg muscles were a little sore and tight. I did a little stretching and felt good as new!! I then made breakfast. Okay, breakfast was AMAZING!! I seriously found a new favorite food/recipe. So simple too, oatmeal, walnuts, and maple syrup!!! ( and a serving of fruit!!) I ate that and packed my lunch since I only had an hour lunch break I wasn’t going to spend 40 mins of it walking back and forth to campus!

Day FIVE Breakfast: Oatmeal, maple syrup, walnuts
Day FIVE Breakfast: Oatmeal, maple syrup, walnuts



So then I walked up to my first class, Intermediate Digital Art, where class was from 9:30-12:00. I took my supplements around 11:30-11:45 so that by the time class was over and I got to a place to eat I would be able to eat!! I was to take a little side note, just to get everyone ready!! I have an AWESOME project I am working on in my digital art class. I am making a self portrait out of text! YAYA! So excited!! Okay, so anyway, back to the reset! Class was over and a left a little after noon. I went to one of the dining places on campus and grabbed a fork!! I picked a table with a nice view of the FREEZING, COLD outside and enjoyed my lunch! I had quinoa, veggies and hummus!!

DAY FIVE LUNCH: Quinoa, veggies with hummus
DAY FIVE LUNCH: Quinoa, veggies with hummus


I finished my lunch and still had a little time to spare. I posted this beautiful picture on Instagram (follow me: alyssaraeb) and just relaxed and let my food digest. Soon enough it was time to go to my painting class. Then back home, I think I had a snack yesterday, saltines possibly, ( I can’t remember :x) hahha! Then I was making dinner, which was also FABULOUS!!!!

Day Five Dinner: Rice, Stri-fry, Mico soup
Day Five Dinner: Rice, Stir-Fry, Mico soup


After dinner I had A LOT of homework to do! i went to bed way later than I wanted to! I was just getting tired and cracky. That of course had nothing to do with the detox, I go to bed early ALWAYS, or else I get a little cranky haha. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was OUT!! So little things I picked up on throughout the day, that may or may not be related to the detox. First I noticed I am breaking out on my chin. This could be because of the reset, or because since I am a girl we have our “friend” come once a month, so it of course could be that. YAY for perfect timing  (-__-) Then my sore muscles I mentioned earlier. I think that is from the detox, I know we are not recommended to exercise while doing the Ultimate Reset, and even though I do not intentionally exercise, my campus is on a hill, I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building ( always take the stairs of course –we don’t have an elevator anyway! haha), and all my classed are on the 2nd or 3rd floor of their buildings. So, it is almost like going to the gym and spending some time on the StairMaster :p Other than basically those two things, I haven’t noticed anything else.



Day 6: Wednesday Feb 6th

So today was the real day 6. Today was crazier than yesterday. I don’t have too too much to talk about for the reset today besides food! I had the same thing for breakfast today as I did yesterday. That is not what it class for, but I did not have one of the main portions of today’s breakfast. For lunch I had some left over quinoa and a micro salad. i worked crazy on school work in between my two classed and only took a break to eat my lunch. I came home and went grocery shopping for Week TWO!!

week2 shopping



I think everything I bought was a fruit or a vegetable!! Well I did have a spice and some coconut milk haha! But still, I can eat for a whole week off of JUST fruits and vegetables alone! This is so crazy! People think they need to buy pounds and pounds of meat per week to feed their families. Right here is all you need for a perfectly balanced diet! So yummy and satisfying too! After I put everything away I decided I would make dinner. I am so glad that I was not STARVING! Because I did not have tonight’s dinner prepared yet. Of course it was the ONLY meal so far that has a decent amount of prep work that had to be done. It wasn’t too bad, I just was ready to relax! … and I couldn’t. So I started to make a few of the ingredients and parts that needed time to cook or soak. As that was going on I decided to shower and do a few other things for some me time. Like clean up my bedroom and gather stuff for tomorrow.


Dinner tonight was interesting. I had some Zucchini and Cashew Soup, Millet something…, and Roasted Beet Medley( or something like that!) Everything was good. The soup was reallly good!! I over cooked the Roasted Medley concoction, so that was a little burnt, otherwise really good. The Millet was .. different. I don’t think I cooked it long enough, it was a little hard; or maybe just harder than I expected it to be.

Day Six Dinner
Day Six Dinner


It has been a LONG two days and I am SO READY to call it a night!! tomorrow is the last day of Phase 1!! Friday I will do a weigh in, some measurements and pictures!! I have;t decided if I am going to post the pictures yet or just wait until the end and show a before and after and then another pictures with the phases. I am open to suggestions! Goodnight!! <3

Ultimate Reset: Day 4 & 2D Project

Today marks 4 days DOWN of Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset!! I actually am still so excited to be doing this!! I have been reading some other’s blogs to see what their experiences have been. Some people have had headaches and body aches.. stuff along those lines. For me, I haven’t had any headache (besides the little one I had last night, which I think it was because I was tired). When I woke up this morning I felt pretty well rested, actually woke up like 10 mins before my alarm went off.. coincidence? ehh maybe?

Breakfast was a little on the go. I know we are supposed to be mindful while we are eating, but I didn’t really have a choice since I had class at 9:00 am and I was an hour and a half away at my boyfriends. I was sooooo glad today was something eat and kind of grab and go for breakfast. I had some blackberries and raspberries, greek yogurt, and a piece of whole wheat toast! I popped the toast in the toaster and washed my fruit. The fruit was really easy to eat in the car, as was the toast. Then it was time for the yogurt, note to self, never try to eat yogurt while driving again. I would imagine it is basically the same as trying to put on make up while driving hahaha. I made it through okay, but I will not be doing that again!

I got back to my apartment and went to class. I’ll have to vent about that class in a post another time! I was pretty hungry by the time my class was over. I ate breakfast at 7:00am but had class 9-11:30!! I got home took my supplements, then finally got to eat around 12:30. This was the first time I was actually pretty hungry during the reset so far. I was perfectly fine after eating my lunch! Today was sushi, just like I had for dinner last night. I also had lentil lime salad and a microsalad. The sushi is deff growing on me! I just wish it was easier to cut!!

Day 4 Lunch: Sushi, Lentil Lime salad, and microsalad.
Day 4 Lunch: Sushi, Lentil Lime salad, and microsalad.


I had a nice long break between my classes today. I was able to shower and have a phone meeting with my Beachbody Success partner, and do a few other things! I went to class, came home and ate my snack! I had multi-grain crackers and some peanut butter, that wasn’t a combo on the snack sheet, but pb and an apple was and there was crackers and hard boiled eggs, so I just switched the protein a little!! I decided I would be productive today. We have a project due Wednesday for my 2D Design class. I brought it home since we started it in class today.

We had an assignment over the weekend to make shapes have have them UNITE and DIVIDE and a few other tasks. Then in class today we had to pick one and do a project with it. These two pictures are my progress so far.

2D design


2D design 2


I will have to keep you updated on how they turn out!! So after I painted a little I made dinner. Dinner tonight was Quinoa, stri-fry, and cucumber and tomato salad. All I have to say is, making that stir-fry was SCARY!!! You have to put the oil on high heat!! Well it was popped and scaring me hahahaha! it tasted AMAZING though, so worth it!! I then prepped lunch for tomorrow since I will be on campus for lunch.

Day 4 Dinner: Quinoa, cucumber and tomato salad, and stir fry
Day 4 Dinner: Quinoa, cucumber and tomato salad, and stir fry


After dinner I watch a little tv with my roommate and decided it was almost time for bed! I am pretty tired now and just want to go to bed! I told myself that I will just post on here and then LIGHTS OUT!! So goodnight everyone!


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