Syllabus Week

This week marks the beginning of my 8th semester in college. HOLY COW, right!? I should be graduating at the end of the semester! Well, I am not 🙁 But that’s okay, I was not anywhere near ready to graduate since I just settled on a major last semester. 😡 With that being said, I will be in college for a total of 10 semesters haha!

For just a little sneak peek into my semester, this is my schedule.

  • 2D Design Class
  • College Algebra
  • Intermediate Digital Art
  • Intro to Painting
  • Contemporary Women’s Health


I have three classes that go towards my major ( the three art classes haha) and then a math class to fill out a GenEd requirement, and then the Women’s health class to aid in the completion of my Gender Studies Minor.


Here are my reactions so far to my classes I have!

1. 2D Design Class: I think I am really going to like this class. It is half lecture and have hands on projects. Today we got our first assignment; it was working with Visual Unity and Visual Divide. It is such a simple task that it seems challenging hahaha! It combines drawing and all different types of art into one class. I am really excited to learn all the different aspects that will be taught in this class.

2. College Algebra: For this class I was not too thrilled that I needed to take a math class. Don’t get me wrong, I used to LOVE math and did really well… in high school. So 4 years down the road and not having to take a single math class, that part of my brain is a LITTLE dusty! The teacher goes really fast and doesn’t do well explaining everything thoroughly. I hope that my brain will kick it into gear and I will be okay!

3. Intermediate Digital Art: This class I am super excited to take! I am concentrating in this part of art, so i should be excited!! hahah. Anyway, I think that this will be my favorite class and we will learn A LOT. There isn’t much to say about this class because this is the only one we haven’t really done anything in yet! :p

4. Intro to Painting: Ahhhh painting! I have a feeling this is going to be a love/hate relationship. I have never ever taken a painting class before. i have always wanted to learn how to paint, and it would be awesome if I ended up being good at it! Though, I think its going to be harder than it looks, which can get very frustrating.

5. Contemporary Women’s Health: This I think is going to be my relaxing class. It is a class full of all girls with two female professors. I have a feeling it is going to have very open discussions and some interesting topics will come up.


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