Shakeology Cookies

The other day I decided to wanted to make some cookies! Not just ANY cookies, but SHAKEOLOGY cookies!! I have tried a few recipes and found that the one I am going to give to you in my FAV!! The only difference usually is replacing the peanut butter with Almond Butter or Dark Chocolate Almond Butter.

all ingredients


First off you need to make sure you have all of the ingrediants!! To make these specific cookies you will need:

1 cup Chocolate or Chocolate Vegan Shakeology

1 cup All Natural Peanut Butter

1/2 cup Pure/All natural honey

1 cup Quick-Oats

1 medium sized bowl

storage container





Step Number ONE:

First measure out the quick oats, then carefully pour into the medium sized bowl.


Step Number TWO:

Measure out the correct amount of Peanut Butter, then scoop into the medium sized bowl, along with the oats.


Step Number THREE:

It is now time to add the honey. Just like the last two steps, measure out the honey and add it to the mixture.


Step Number FOUR:

Last ingredient to add is the Shakeology powder. Measure and add to the mixture in the medium sized bowl.


Step Number SIX:

Now, all of the ingredients should be in the bowl. I personally find it easier to use my hands to mix at this point. I have tried wooden spoons, and plastic spoons, as well as every other kitchen item. It all comes down to me getting my hands in the mix either way. So wash your hands and DIG IN! massage the mixture so that all the ingredients are throughly scattered throughout.


Step Number SEVEN:

Time to mold the cookies! Now, you can make them any size or shake you would like. I personally like them on the smaller side because they fill be up rather quickly! i grab some in my hand, roll in my palms, then squish them a little to flatten them out ( easier for my method of storage).


Step Number EIGHT:

Time to store these babies! I like to put them in a Gladwear or something like that which has a lid and stable sides. I put wax paper in between the layers to avoid the cookies sticking together. I just keep them on my counter! They stay fresh for up to about 2 weeks from what I have experienced!



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