Saturday Morning Cartoons… Or Mind Mush Maker?

I have been babysitting the same family for about 7, YES SEVEN years now! They are not family, but kind of feel like it sometimes! But, I started when there were only three kids and I was a junior in high school. Now, I am a college grad and there are FIVE children.

A few times a year I babysit for a full weekend; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Of course between making breakfast, picking toys and food up off the floor, and breaking up mini wrestling matches before they turn into a fist fight, the TV gets turned on. For some reason each time this happens I have a slim sliver of hope that some good old cartoons are going to be playing and I can enjoy some cartoons with the kids. You know, RugRats, RocketPower, PowerPuff Girls, The Wild Thornberrys, and so on, I think you get what I am getting at!! Did i mention Braceface? Yeah, that was a good one too!


Instead, the cartoons they have now, not that they HAVE to be educational, but they are DISGUSTING! I mean, just plain gross and DUMB! They are a few cute ones, Sophia the first is one that I do enjoy! Disney had have better shows, Cartoon Netword however, they need to reevaluate what they are putting on TV for the younger generations to watch. “Uncle Grandpa” is one that I feel like my brain is shrinking the longer I watch it!! There is one that I think is called the Regular Show, and it ism ust WEIRD!! We wonder why some kids are going up with social sues, let turn to some of these werido shows and point some fingers there!

I like the shows that even as an adult I feel like I can get something out of it. A little giggle here, or even learn something new that I didn’t “get” and now makes perfect sense! (yes it happens!) Arthur was also one of my favorites, the theme song is still one that I can recognize right away!! Want a little flash-back? I took the liberty of finding it for you — since google it is just too hard for some people 😉 haha jk, well, but seriously.

I would love to know what some of your favorite cartoons are/were! Do you have kids now and have some “no-no’s” that you won’t let them watch? Personally I might be using YouTube to stream 90s cartoons for my kids..(in like 5 years :p)

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