Packing: a work in progress!

So, I am the type of person that packs, and repacks, and repacks again before I go somewhere. I tend to over pack the first SIX times!! I especially have problems when I am going to be flying to get where ever I am going. Some people say it is a girl thing, I just need to remind myself that I won’t use half of the “STUFF” I am taking with me. HAHA!! So I decided that if I blog about what I am packing as I pack it, I might start to get better at this whole “packing” thing.

This trip is very important to me! I signed up back in September (I think it was) for a half marathon!! This particular race takes place in DISNEY!! ahhhh sooooo excited I can’t even explain it! Well, I won’t keep you any longer, here is how I pack!

The first few items I like to put into my suitcase are things like a toothbrush, tooth paste, lotion and essentials like that!

Here are 6 things that i decided to pack first for this trip!

#1. Baggies: I love these because when you have lotions or liquids you don’t have to worry about anything spilling all over everything else!

#2. Tanning Spray & Lotion: We are going to Florida!! Need I say more!? Coming from PA, you bet I am excited to get a tan in the middle of January 🙂

#3. Medication: never leave for a trip without your daily meds.!

#4. Motrin: Motrin helps with inflammation. After running 13.1 miles I will be looking for a few of these babies!!

#5. Hygiene: Toothbrush, toothpaste, Q-tips, and body spray. Can’t live without any of these!!

#6. Face stick: since my face decides to ALWAYS burn, 50 spf it is!

After I gather all of these products and items I place them all in a large ZipLock bag. That way when I am at the air port it will be easy to grab so it can be checked. ( now with all those 3 oz rules!) Plus I like having all of these items separate from my clothes and shoes!!

Talking about clothes and shoes, I think that is next!! Since we are not going to be in FL for very long, I am limited to a carry on. I just got this luggage set for Christmas, needless to say, I am super excited to get to use it so soon! One of the perks with this luggage is the pockets that it has on the sides. Now, I could be wrong, but I think these are PERFECT for your shoes. Does anyone else get annoyed or mad when you have dirty shoes that are right up against your CLEAN favorite shirt or dress? Well these little pockets fit shoes and keep them away from my clean clothes!!

image (5)

Time to move on! Here is the fun part, and unfortunately the hardest part for me! Deciding what clothes to take can be rough. I am going to FL, so I know I need SUMMER CLOTHES!! yayyy! But, then I start to thinking, what if the hotel is chilly, what if the nights get cold.. my thoughts go on and on. Before I know it I have my whole closet is out on my bed and I think I need to take it all with me! Hence, why I have to pack and then repack and do it over and over again. Each time I redo it, I start to think logically (slowly) and put a few items back! This is what I came up with for this trip!

Layer #1 –> This layer has pretty much the essentials of the clothes world. Your socks, bras, underwear, and of course bathing suits!!

Layer #2 –> Here we have yoga pants, biking pants, capri jeans, and colorful pants! Oh, and a fun colored scarf!

Layer #3 –>TOPS! This later I have my comffffyyyy shirts, camis, and cut off shirts. I also have my workout shorts stuffed in there as well.

Layer #4 –> The last layer includes my nicer shorts, dressy tops, and a dress incase we end up going out some place nice one night.

One of the last steps to my clothes are t-shirts. I have a special method for packing regular t-shirts. I like to fold them and then roll them. It makes it easier to stuff these into awkward places and opened spaces.

image (4)

After i pack my clothes and my hygiene essentials there are always those few odds and ends that you just NEED! There are mine…

The first picture shows my goggles because we will be swimming of course, floss picks because they are so much easier than regular floss, gum for fresh breath, and a poncho because I remember reading this on a list of items to take to a race with you!

The second picture is a small hand held purse. I chose this one because I can dress it up or dress it down. While I am there I will need my hair ties, head bands, and little things like that. I like to put them inside the purse because now they won’t get lost or tangled!

image (3)

The first one on the bottom I have my GPS watch! I love this little guy. I wanted a GPS watch, but didn’t need anything too too fancy. Did a little research and found this, I LOVE IT! ( will probably talk more about this in another post). So I will be taking the watch and the charger!

Second on the bottom is just my jewelry and some spending money I have been saving just for this trip!

Okay, now my suitcase it packed!!


The next and last part is my purse. This is simple and I never seem to have trouble with this part! In this bag I just put a few things that I need for on the plane to keep occupied. I have my Race Results from a 9 mile qualifying race, plane tickets, and my registration for the half marathon! Next a nice book to read (some personal development) and my laptop for when I get to FL! Last but not least, SUNGLASSES!!!!!image (2)

I am finally packed and ready to go!! It may have taken me a week and a half to pack

and get it right, but I am READY TO GO!! Wish me luck!!

image (6)

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  1. Alyssa, I love your Luggage! So Cute! Great Blog!

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