Our CIO Journey: Sleep Is a Precious Thing

Sleep training. I have learned SO MUCH! I have learned each night is a new surprise. I had moms teach me SOOOOO many different methods, which was amazing! I had back up plans for the back up plans for when something didn’t go in my favor. (Yes, it has happened A LOT!) We had some major decisions that needed to be made, we started off with Sleep Training Decisions. I will not tell you this has been “easy” because I can confidently laugh in your face and then fall into your arms and cry; and say that THIS IS HARD! Being a parent is HARD. Making decisions that shape another [human] life is HARD!! I mean seriously, who gave us permission to do this!? :p

Whatever it is we decide to do; whatever we feel is the best for these little mini me’s attached to our leg – or boob- or hip… I hope that we stick together. Take advice without complaining someone is pushing a method down your throat, or showing another parent under the bus because we don’t know the circumstances. I think we all can agree we are all RIGHT and we are all WRONG!

Check out below each of the different nights we documanted during this journey!! If you have any specific questions about what we did, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below 🙂

Cry It Out: In the Moment Of Night One

The Morning After CIO Night One

CIO Night Two and the Morning After

CIO Journey: Recap of Nights 4 & 5

CIO Journey: Recapping Nights 6 & 7

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