Mini 5-Day Squat Challenge

Sometimes we just need a mini challenge. For many reasons. Maybe we are feeling down and accomplishing something would make our week 100xs better! Then again maybe we just want to add a little umphhh to our daily routine!

I made up this little 5 day mini squat challenge to satisfy any reason you can think of! It is only 5 days, can you do it? Of course you can!!! Woot Woot! I believe in you! Now, if you are sitting here looking at this and thinking, “well, I have been sitting on the couch thinking about starting something like this….” well, let me stop you there! You CANNNN do this! If you can’t start off with 10, start with 5. Can’t do five, start with ONE. Yes, who cares if you are doing one or thirty! Because you are probably in the private of your own room and no one will know but YOU! The amazing thing is, I bet tomorrow you will be able to do two 😉 give it a try! I dare ya!

5 day mini quat challenge

This is just simple, so don’t put too much thought into, had just DO IT! 🙂

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