How to NOT eat an entire package of Cinnabon almonds in one sitting

We play White Elephant with Evan’s family, and I picked this AWESOME basket full of cheese and spreads and crackers and a tray of Cinnabon cashews and almonds. YUMMMMMM.

So, how do you not eat the entire tray in one sitting, the answer is simple.

cinnabon almonds

Step 1: leave the tray in the kitchen, take a handful. 
Step 2: walk to the couch, sit and eat them.
Step 3: get up and walk over to the kitchen to get a second handful!🚶🚶

Eventually you will get sick of having to get up to get more so you will stop eating them  plus of you are going to eat 200+ calories in delicious almonds you might as well burn those 3 calories walking to the kitchen to get more!! Bonus calories burned of you use stairs going back and forth!!

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