Destination Wedding 101

Bride to be in the HOUSE!!!! I know I am not the only one, so CONGRATULATIONS to all of you lovely ladies out there!! So, now that your man popped that special question its time to plan!


Something I think we all need to remember going into this whole process is that this is YOUR DAY! You and your fiancé have your own SWAG and you deserve to let that show on your wedding day! Don’t let your 3rd cousins sister’s boyfriends mom tell you what time of the year SHE thinks is the best time for a wedding. Don’t let you aunt, twice removed son’s friend tell you that you NEED the DJ he saw play last weekend. — NO — its YOUR day, do what YOU want. You are the bride and the groom! Take some control!

I think its is SOOO funny that literally as soon as you are engaged the questions start, and they DON’T STOP!! :: You know what I mean?? :: I know you do!!

  1. “Did you set a date yet?”
  2. “What are your colors?”
  3. “Where is it going to be?”
  4. “Did you get your dress yet?”

I know you know EXACTLY what I mean! hahaha You know that they are just as excited as you are, but when you hear it from 372983749283740823+ people, you might want to pull your hair out!

This brings me to MY wedding! I never pictured what I wanted. Some little girls grow up knowing exactly what they want their wedding to be like; me on the other hand, my vision of my wedding was as clear as space….or the ocean. Both have a ton in the “unknown” category. Since we were paying for this basically on our own, we came back to a discussion we had a few months prior to getting engaged. >> DESTINATION WEDDING <<

evan and i

So of course we wanted to know more. We needed to do a little research, it seemed SO COOL, but we needed more information on what this really entailed.

Step 1: GOOGLE IT >> I am not kidding when I tell you we sat down at the computer and typed in “destination weddings” into the google bar. I am not 100% sure, but about 98% sure that the first link that popped up was original right? We clicked and SURPRISE, it was an actual website and not a weird looking fake thing.

Step 2: CLICK.CLICK.CLICK >> Since this site was very engaging we started clicking around. They had all the information we needed. A ton of different locations with in depth information about weddings in each place. Rain Forest? Island? Igloos? Desert? You name it, they did weddings there, and had the information to provide you with to make a decision if this was a right fit for you!

Step 3: EMAIL, SENT >> As we clicked around and decided that this was something we were completely interested in, we filled out the form for a wedding coordinator to contact us.  PS she is amazing and is SO helpful!

The process was so simple, and as we go through the process (more posts to come) it is only getting easier and easier! — Did you know that on average couples save $19,000 doing a destination wedding over a traditional wedding??

Stay tuned for the rest of my destination wedding process!! 🙂

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