CIO Journey: Recap of Nights 4 & 5

CIO Night 4

This is the post I had up on my Facebook page from the recap of night 4.

“Last night I think was possibly a turning point for us! Though she fell asleep bent in half👇🏼👇🏼 pictures below, she did sleep from 8-5! She slept like this for maybe 2 hours and then finally made her way to her belly without fully waking up. Or at least didn’t freak out if she did wake up 🙌🏼.

I think I did make the mistake of not waiting 10 minutes for her to cry for me to go in and nurse. Honestly, I was actually sleeping and enjoying it, and before I knew it I was nursing her 😂. Nursed her and put her right back down. But she didn’t go back to sleep. I think she was just up for the day. So at 6:15 we got up (which I’d prefer 7, but this will do l! Hahah) my goal is to get on a 7:30 bed time 7 wake up time.

She also must have pooped after I nursed her. I was super surprised when I changed her this morning since she NEVER has a morning poop anymore hahaha. So that could contribute to why she wouldn’t go back to sleep. I’m assuming I would have been able to smell it if that’s why she woke up to begin with… but that could be a factor as well hahaha.

Progress. Progress. Progress.
One day at a time!”

CIO Night 5 Recap

We are making waves, and we are riding them in STYLE! Yes, using the Cry it Out [CIO] method is hard, and we ran into interesting road blocks [ ahemmmmm sitting up to sleep miss finn]. But each night, well besides the second night, it was getting better and better.

It wasn’t easy making the decision to go for the CIO method, you can read about how we made that decision here, Sleep Training Decisions. If you are curious as you how we got to THIS point, you can check out all our other updates and caps here, Sleep is a Precious Thing.

CIO night 5 review.

Posted by Alyssa Rae Barnes on Sunday, October 1, 2017

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