Cheat Day!: Un-Sloppy Joe’s

So last night my boyfriend found a recipe that he really wanted to make! Of course he NEVER finds healthy recipes so I usually save my cheat meals for when he decides to cook. So he found this meal called Un-Sloppy Joes. We tweaked the recipe just a little!



These are really easy to make!


– Meat ( we used hamburger and deer something– I try not to think about it, red meat grosses me out!)

– Sloppy joe seasoning

– Pillsbury grands biscuits

– Shredded cheese


** Preheat oven to 350 degrees. ( this is what it said on the package for the biscuits we bought, yours might be slightly different)

1. Make the sloppy joe’s as you would if you were just making them normally.

2. Place biscuits on a cookie sheet. Press and flatten to about 5-6” circles

3. Once sloppy joe’s are done, take a spoon and scoop some onto the unbaked biscuits.

4. Sprinkle cheese into the top of the sloppy joe’s.

5. ┬áTake a second biscuit and place it on top of the bottom biscuit, sloppy joe, and cheese. We pinched the edged together so all the food inside wouldn’t spill out as they baked!

6. Once you do this all as many as you want, pop them in the oven! We put then in for about 15-20 mins, just enough that they start to get golden brown on the top.

7. Take out and enjoy!

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