Your Beautiful Skin & Pregnancy

I have been pretty faithful and consistent with posting a weekly belly bump picture on my FB throughout my pregnancy. I am usually known for keeping it clean and healthy with my nutrition and workouts, but I am getting attention in an area I honestly never spent much time on.. 😡 oops! My SKIN! So I am going to give you the inside scoop on my daily routine for my skin, and how it has changed over the course of my pregnancy.

Growing up I had a TERRIBLE time with acne. Yes I tried EVERYTHING from washes and scrubs to topical ointment and oral medications. Once you pump yourself full of all that, well, acne is bound to eventually go away and stay away! I was lucky, it did for the most part throughout high school and college. So, I am going to be completely honest with you when I say, I really never focused on my skin at all; unless my skin was super dry and I needed a little lotion, I didn’t do a darn thing with it!

Until NOW!

Pregnancy was a whole new ball game. I started off with INCREDIBLY dry itchy skin on the outside of my thighs and down my legs, parts of my belly, and sections of my arms. It was so bad! I was literally ripping my skin open in my sleep. I did use some lotions, but honestly nothing was helping. I was basically in tears because it was so itchy and all I could think about was, this was just the beginning… I wasn’t even showing yet, I obviously was going to have a field day with stretch marks. I went through BOTTLES of regular lotion, even regular cocoa butter, nothing was soothing the terrible, irritable itch. I even had scars forming on my thighs from itching open all my scabs– too much? Ehh its the truth!

A really good friend of ours then purchased not just cocoa butter for me, but I think it is the TYPE that she got me, that really turned things around for me! Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E. It is basically a paste. Super thick. Comes in a jar (pictured below). This is what started to give me a little relief! I would put this all over my body after EVERY shower, and then again either at night or in the morning at least on my belly and thighs (what ever time of the day was opposite of my shower).



I used this Palmer’s stuff alone for quite a while. I guess I should add that I went through a WHOLE JAR of coconut oil before trying this stuff, and the coconut oil didn’t even touch my dry, itchiness. (that was using it IN the shower and trying it after a shower as well- NADA, nothing!) After posting about my perdicament on my timeline I did decide to get a sugar scrub to use in the shower like a few recommended. Let me tell you something about a sugar scrub, it can be a little time consuming, you can’t just pop in and out of the shower.. but OHHHHHH my gosh, I think it changed my life forever! I didn’t pick any scrub specifically, I just picked one I thought I liked the smell off at Home Goods or TjMaxx (one of those). I picked up one of those scrub gloves at the dollar tree, and I was in love!


I was actually almost appalled by how disgusting that glove was after my first use 😡 Spoiler alert, it was basically brown- hahah YUCK! But obviously it was much, much needed. The Dollar Tree glove only lasted for about 2-3 rounds of sugar scrubbing, so I do recommend getting a better quality one at a beauty store. I got a pack of 2 gloves at TJMaxx for about $3 I think and I can use each glove for about 7-8 scrubs. Im not sure if they can be washed, but they aren’t that expensive to just replace and get a nice new one! So I’m going to say somewhere around 18-20 weeks into my pregnancy I started to add this sugar scrub 2-3 times a week (more like 2 but sometimes 3) to my shower routine. So I was using this DURING my shower, and then the Palmer’s paste AFTER.

I’m going to say it was around 28 weeks of pregnancy that I added the last piece of the puzzle. I cut back slightly on the sugar scrub, I do it maybe once or twice every other week, but I still use the Palmer’s after each shower, and then just whenever my belly gets itchy (but I probably should just do it twice a day). I did however start putting Avon’s Oil Gel on before using the Palmer’s paste. I don’t know if was because it was getting harder and harder to rub a paste in when I couldn’t really bend over and not either almost fall over or be super uncomfortable (little did I know it would only get harder and harder! hahah).


I was reading on the Palmer’s paste that they recommended using an oil that they have in their line up of products, but I already had this Avon stuff, so I figured I would try it out! Since the Palmer’s is so thick, I’ve been only using it on my stomach, hips, butt, boobs, and thighs, plus any irritated areas. The Skin So Soft I try to put everywhere, at least wherever I can still reach :p. Avon first, Palmer’s second!

So for those that are wondering what I am doing to keep my skin so nice during pregnancy, this is my “secret”, this is my routine, and I guess it has been working! My skin does still get really really itchy on days that my belly (and boobs) are growing and stretching, but if I get some good quality lotion on it, I can contain the irritation and feeling of wanting to rip my skin off 😉

Good Luck!! Pass this on to the expecting Mama’s in your life 🙂

Proper Nutrition is Right at your Fingertips

I have a serious question for you!

••Did you know that all workouts come with a nutrition guide? ••

Each and every one of the programs Beachbody has created comes with a totally guide to eating RIGHT. They take that particular program and tell you what you need nutrition wise to get the results you want.

nutrition guide with each program

+nutrition 101
+jump-start meal plan
+calorie calculations
+recipes/food options
+meal plans

You press play on the program because you paid for it… Why not eat the way they tell you to because you pay for that information as well?

You are investing in more that just a DVD series. You are investing in your fitness, in your health, in your nutrition, in your mood/energy, in your family/loved ones, and most importantly, in YOURSELF.

If you need more help to stay accountable, join my next Challenge Group! Get motivated and get your best results yet!! Apply here >>

Free Giveaway for January Fitness Resolution DOERS!

As I think back to the first workout program I ever “tried” to do, all I can remember is failing miserably . I think I got maybe a month (tops) into p90x and then the excuses started pouring in! Yes I was doing it with one friend so I honestly probably lasted longer than I would have on my own.

This is why I take my challenge groups SERIOUSLY! I want to make them fun, informative, motivating, and worth while for you, because I KNOW that it is the secret ingredient to staying motivated long enough to either:
#1: finish the program with awesome results
Orrrr what I know is going to happen
#2: Finish with awesome results and make a lifestyle change.

That “lifestyle” change is the big picture here, and it’s my job to help you see that, and then get there!


My next group starts Feb 1st!! Did I mention you will get a few free gifts to help you stay on track! Even a personalized calendar for the workout program you choose!

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Insanity Max:30– I’m way too excited for this!

I am a Beachbody Program junkie! I will admit it.

I own, let’s see here:

P90  |  P90X  |  Les Mills Combat  |  TurboFire  |  Brazil Butt Lift  |  ChaLEAN Extreme  |  Body Beast

Rev Abs  |  Piyo  |  21 Day Fix  |  Great Abs Guaranteed  |  3 Day Refresh  |  Ultimate Reset

I might have forgotten one or two! I did by Slim in 6 for my mom, and I have done a few of those workouts with her, and I also got Insanity for my sister. I have YET to try insanity. Is that weird?? Probably! There is just ALWAYS a new program coming out I want to jump on, I never got around to insanity! I think they just next jumped out at me. Which is cool, just because I’m a coach doesn’t mean I need to “LOVE” every second of every program. I am human and I have workouts I like and ones I dislike.

When they first released the promo video for Insanity Max:30 I honestly watched it like 6 times!!! I was THAT excited about it! There is something about a program making you MAX out, that scares me, but makes me KNOW that it will push me to my MAX! Have you watched it yet? If not I have it right here for you!!

Ahhhh don’t you just want to get up and do it right now!? I know I do. It is going to be a game changer for a lot of people, I can tell you that!

Even though I am so so excited about this program. I am also really scared! I think this is going to be the one that I need to put MYSELF in the challenge group for extra accountability and motivation. So I decided that I am going to do this program right along side of you for the test group! Me and 10 dedicated, focused, and determined people are going to press play on December 15th for day one of Insanity Max:30. Will you be there with us?

Since I have such a limited number of available spots, I ask that you either email me ( ), or apply for this group! I want it to be taken seriously and I am giving 100% of my attention to this group to ensure success for each and every person!

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Honest Body Beast Review from a Cardio Junkie

Who here loves running?? — raise hand jumping up and down–

I have pretty much always been a runner. I played sports my whole life, and when I got older and they got serious most of them included running. 8th grade I was into field hockey.. 9th-11th I played mid field in soccer, senior year I took on cross country, and all 4 years of high school I ran track.

After high school I strayed away from the whole running scene for a while. I went through some hard times, some good times and eventually near the end of college I found myself unmotivated, self conscious, and out of breath walking up 1 flight of stairs. I may not have been completely out of control weight wise, but I packed on a good 10-12 pounds.– & on a girl that isn’t even 5 foot, that shows EVERYWHERE!!!

ew                   disney

So then after doing a few at home programs it got me back in the running spirit!! I trained for the Disney Half Marathon and it was AMAZINGGGGG! Then eventually I did the Hershey Half, and the Run for the Diamond in Berwick, Pa (15k race). After all of that I decided I wanted to take on a marathon. Sadly, so many things came up that I had to defer- but I’m coming for you next year Wineglass Marathon!!!

With all of this upset, I was in search of a change of pace. I did the 21 Day fix when my friends did it, and I, as well as them had amazing transformations!! However, I was in the mood for something COMPELTELY different! This is when I turned to Body Beast!

beast banner

I am in the second phase and honestly, I am LOVING it! It takes me back to high school strength training class, which we were allowed to take instead of gym. In other words, it was exactly what I needed!

So you have watched the infomercials on tv and think, heyyyy Alyssa, that program is for BOYS ONLY! Well, hold your horses! This program is literally for everyone! So yes, it might be low rep, high weight and look a little intimidating. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t shaking in my knees when I pressed play on day one.

One thing I definitely recommend doing is READING THE BOOK! They give you a whole guide to this program ,and I suggest you use it 🙂 There is information on each workout, the science behind it, nutrition, and the supplements. Plus RECIPES! Who doesn’t love getting recipes handed to you!

Meal Plan

This is the one area that I am still trying to find my “nich”. The program has a whole calculation for you based on your body fat % and weight and height and all that fun stuff in order to figure out what to eat daily. I am going to warn you now, it is A LOT of food! I did my first 2 weeks eating like the meal plan said to. I was finding that certain days I was SO HUNGRY and other days I could barely eat half the food I was supposed to. It was probably just me and maybe not going 100% everyday, or not being as active or maybe over active some days. Either way I decided to go away from the meal plan that went with the Body Beast workout.

I really liked the 21 Day Fix when I did it and fell in love with the container system. (THIS is where I got my 21 Day Fix!) So I figured maybe I would try that, but add a few more veggies and carbs. That seemed to work pretty well, but some days still wasn’t enough. So right now I am just free floating with my nutrition plan. I still keep it clean (mostly) and appropriate portion sizes. I will tell you that I do NOT eat perfect by any means, I still have cheat meals and its something I am working on! I have a ton of go to recipes like my balsamic chicken recipe to keep on track!


I may be up in the air with my meal plan, but one thing is do know for sure is the results are REAL! My favorite transformation so far with this are my calves! Maybe its just me, but mannn ohhh mann I am really loving the calf results. The rest are awesome too, I am getting definition in my stomach, my hips are trimming and my booty is getting lifted!


Scale wise, there hasn’t been too much movement, which honestly I didn’t expect to lose POUNDS, I was looking to tone and lose inches. Which is exactly what has happened so far. I am finished with the build phase and I am currently about half way through the bulk phase. In two weeks I’ll be moving into the BEAST phase! Which I am really excited for!

I would 100% recommend this to someone! You don’t have to use heavy weights, use whatever you feel comfortable with! right now I use 0-20 pounds. Some arm exercises I can’t do the full exercise with even 2.5 pounds weights! But then some leg exercises I can use 20 pounds.


When you get a Body Beast Challenge Pack you can either get it with Shakeology or the Supplements. I got it with the supplements. So you get a base shake, fuel shot, suma, and creatine. Being a girl I use the base shake and fuel shot usually 4-5 times a week, the creatine I use one scoop maybe once a week. I Never take the suma because that is full of testosterone, and I don’t need that!!! If you are wondering why I don’t take the creatine as often, it is because I have read mixed reviews on women taking it. there are some good and some bad, so I just take it here and there. I also drink Shakeolgoy daily for breakfast (this is where I got mine from >> HERE. I Use this for my dense dose of nutrition, even though people only think it is for weight loss, it is actually a nutritional shake if you do the research on it. Then I just started using Beachbody’s E&E powder as well. Which I am not sure why I haven’t use this sooner, totally kick starts my workout and keeps me going if I do a double , without leaving me feel poopy, yes I said poopy, afterwards.

If you have any questions about this program or if it might be a good fit for you, just shoot me an email! I would be happy to give you the inside scoop on what I know! or find me on facebook–>

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