Time Management: Printable Schedule


I may not be organized in every aspect of my life, but I am pretty organized when it comes to planning my day. I NEED a to do list! Some people stop right there though! They think since its down on paper it is magically all going to get done! This needs to STOP! We need to literally make time to plan the time we have.

First off always make a rough draft of your to do list. This means that it doesn’t have it be in any particular order, just things you want to get done that day. It might be in a piece of scrap paper and look something like this:

  • put laundry in washer
  • transfer laundry from wash to dry
  • fold laundry
  • make grocery list
  • go grocery shopping
  • do workout
  • read personal development
  • take dog to groomer
  • prepare dinner
  • eat and clean up dinner
  • office hours (9:00-11:00)
  • office hours (2:00-4:00)
  • contact coaches and customers

You get the idea! That is step one! After that I like to prioritize. I know this sounds silly, because its your to-do list, it ALL has to be done! But I am sure there are things that are more important than others! I dod a whole blog post on the ABCDE method from Eat that Frog read up on that part of the process HERE!

Once you do that I highly recommend using a time schedule sheet! This was you can SEE your day! I like to go by a half hour, just because I don’t like splitting up the blocks for half hour tasks, not everything in your day is going to tai a full hour to do! I just made these two sheets. The second one is the one I use, it is just Monday through Friday. I have it set to start at 7:30 am. I don’t have kids to get up and get ready for the day (yet) so my day doesn’t need to start at the crack of dawn. I do have a sheet for those people though! That one starts at 5:30 am, both end at 11:00 pm. Check it out below!! Also, don’t forget to subscribe!! 🙂

Time Management Schedule 5-30a-11p

Time Management Schedule

Oatmeal: a quick and easy meal!

Quick and easy is the name of the game. I am ALL FOR yummy healthy meals that don’t take long to make, and they HAVE to be portable!

Oatmeal is one of those super duper easy meals!! I brought mine for lunch today. All I need is a microwave safe bowl, water, my oatmeal, and TOPPINGS!!(maple syrup and bananas with a dash of cinnamon is my fav!!)

Oatmeal is low in saturated fat and very low in cholesterol(yay). It is a great source of dietary fiber It is a whole grain food–minimal processing involved here.

Tip: bulk or old-fashioned oats are normally not fortified, (meaning nutrients are not added). On the other had pre-packaged ones, like the instant cook usually are fortified.

Mini Caprese Pizzas

caprese pizzas2

This is going to be a repeat for dinner for sure!!
Mini caprese pizzas
– half English muffin ( I have multi-grain here)
– mozzarella cheese ball, sliced
-fresh basil
-cherry tomatoes

Pop in the oven at 345F for a kit 10 mins, just keep an eye on them and notice when the mozz starts to slightly melt!

DELISH! Share on your page! Never know who need a new caprese recipe 🙂

How to Remove Candle Wax from Carpet

A few weeks I made an “uttt Ohhh”. I was being all crafty making my own little desk(…with my body beast supplements tubs..) and taping videos for my team; things escalated quickly!

Before I knew it my computer was tumbling backwards, the tubs flying out from underneath, a candle falling, falling to the tannish carpet beneath it, and Boots running across the room.

I panicked and sprayed this pet stain remover on it before it hardened, yeah I thought that was a good idea.– it wasn’t. It wouldn’t harden after that!

wax out of carpet

What you SHOULD DO is grab a roll of paper towels and an iron. Put the iron on a low setting, then blot the area with the iron, using the paper towel as a buffer and wax collector between carpet and iron. Continue until all of wax and color is removed!! – takes about 5-10 mins, depending on how much wax there is!

This is useful information!! You might never think you need it, until you do!! Share with a friend!

21 Day Fix: Wine Fix

Let me just get this out in the open, I am NOT currently drinking this at 10:30 am on a Tuesday.

As I was sipping on this on Saturday afternoon, I thought about the 4 oz allowed for the 21 Day Fix

— yes my mind has been consumed with the 21 Day Fix lately!! But some people struggle with it and I want them to know everything possible about it! That’s MY JOB!! —

But the Barefoot brand mini bottles aren’t 8 oz like some of the others! I know it is easy to say this is a small bottle I’m sure it’s close! Yes it might be close, but you should still follow the program as designed!!

21DF wine

So this is just a little tidbit of info for you winos out there on the 21 Day Fix!! You CAN have it, just make sure you follow the rules 😉

Proper Nutrition is Right at your Fingertips

I have a serious question for you!

••Did you know that all workouts come with a nutrition guide? ••

Each and every one of the programs Beachbody has created comes with a totally guide to eating RIGHT. They take that particular program and tell you what you need nutrition wise to get the results you want.

nutrition guide with each program

+nutrition 101
+jump-start meal plan
+calorie calculations
+recipes/food options
+meal plans

You press play on the program because you paid for it… Why not eat the way they tell you to because you pay for that information as well?

You are investing in more that just a DVD series. You are investing in your fitness, in your health, in your nutrition, in your mood/energy, in your family/loved ones, and most importantly, in YOURSELF.

If you need more help to stay accountable, join my next Challenge Group! Get motivated and get your best results yet!! Apply here >> http://bit.ly/ChallegneGroup

Shine Bright and find Success in 2015

Is it just me, or is anyone else SHOCKED that 2014 is over, and we are already half way through January of 2015!!! I mean seriously, I know they say the days go faster as you got older, but a whole year just flew by! I was NOT warned about that!!!

Whether I can help it or not 2015 is knocking on the door. But for before I answer I need to be completely prepared. This year is going to be MY year. I can just feel it. I sat down the other day and reflected on this past year. What accompaniments I have made, the ones I missed, and the ones i was afraid to even think about a year ago.

In 2014 I:
:: Graduated from college with my bachelors degree
:: Got my first “real” job
:: Then quickly made Beachbody my full-time job
:: Got engaged
:: Planned a wedding
:: Made AMAZING new friends and couldn’t be more thankful for all my other friends
:: Saw a lot of people’s “true colors”
:: Realized that I CAN be successful, and WILL reach for the stars
:: Grew my team to a point I never thought I could
:: Became a Diamond Coach
:: Moved to a new town

I am sure I did so much more, but I am not going to bore you– HeHe!!

However, 2015 is going to be HUGEEEE! I have big goals; personal and business wise. We live in a time that YOU have complete control over your future. You can graduate with a degree and still get a good job in a completely different field. You can skip college and use your life experiences to take you to the top.

>> Seriously, NOTHING is stopping you!! <<

Get EXCITED about your life!! I honestly didn’t know how to do this until I became a coach. Then it was like the little light bulb in my brain went on! It was amazing. It was awesome. Now, I realized that if I have a vision of what i want, and I know what I need to do to get there, NO ONE is stopping me. But why should they! They should grab your hand and say, “How can I help?”

If you don’t have those people in your life, FIND THEM! RIGHT NOW!!! Have you ever heard the say, ” You act more like the closest people your surround yourself with.”? It is totally true! Find those people that want what you want. Reach out to them!! You never know where you will end up!!

I want to help you get there! I have 5 spots open for my next exclusive training. I want to help you find success. See that vision you are totally capable of having!! Is this for you? You may never know until you ask or try!

Coach Invite
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Shakeo to go!

shakeo to go

I’m testing something new out today!! I put my shakeology in a to go coffee cup! My smoothie straw even fits into the “sip hole”??? I don’t know what it’s called! Haaha

When I take my shakeology for breakfast I don’t have anywhere to wash it out! The bathroom is in a different building.

Now instead of it burning my eyes 7 hours (or two day :x) later when I go to wash it out, I can just throw this away!!!

Wineglass Marathon: Take Two

I signed up last year to do the Wineglass marathon. I was SO EXCITED! A lot happened last year through out training and I just wasn’t into it, body or mind. Which is just impossible if you are training for a marathon, you honestly, truly need to be IN it! I just wasn’t and I made the decision to defer it. (thank goodness for that option!)

Here I am here now to give you the amazing news! I am committing once again to the Wineglass marathon!!!! Stay tuned for my training and my progress! I can’t wait to share this journey with you!

marathon announcent