4 Ingredient Pancakes


Ever want something homemade for breakfast, even if it isn’t fancy, you just put some effort into it and it makes it so much better!! We all have crazy lives in our own way, so quick and simple is the name of the game these days! Which is exactly what they pancakes are! I will e the first to tell you, I have tried “3 ingredient” pancakes and this and that. None of them were good! They need to be just like box pancakes for me to like them! So what are the FOUR ingredients that you will need?

pancake ingredients

The Directions are simple!

  1. Combine all ingredients into a blender, and blend until fully combined!
  2. Pour batter out onto griddle or stove top pan. This batch should make about 6 pancakes
  3. Let sit for a minute, then flip!

panckaes            pancakes

I decided today I was going to put a bit of all natural peanut butter and maple syrup on my pancakes! It was soo good! you can add fresh fruit or maybe even some yogurt! let your creative juice flow ladies and gents!


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