The CIO Journey: Recapping Nights 6 & 7

Sleep training is hard. Everyone experiences something different. Every baby is different, so advice from one mom might not work for your baby. But I think sharing my experience will at least give mommas and daddys out there that are desperate, just one more option. Might work, might not! You can read about Sleep Training Decisions, and how we decided on the method we pursued. You can also follow the entire joinery night by night, Sleep is a Precious Thing.

Recap of CIO night 6

Post from my Facebook page recapping night 6!!!

“Last night was the first night, everrrrr, that I didn’t put Finley down to sleep. It was a bittersweet moment. Buttttt she needs to know it’s not just me that can put her to bed.

She cried a little but was sleeping AND laying down within 20 mins tops!!! Still progress!

She slept from 7:30pm-7am😱🙌🏼 STRAIGHT THROUGH. didn’t cry once, didn’t fuss once, allllll night long!

We needed this. I’m so happy it is working!”

Night 7 Using CIO Method

CIO night 7 update

Posted by Alyssa Rae Barnes on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

CIO Journey: Recap of Nights 4 & 5

CIO Night 4

This is the post I had up on my Facebook page from the recap of night 4.

“Last night I think was possibly a turning point for us! Though she fell asleep bent in half👇🏼👇🏼 pictures below, she did sleep from 8-5! She slept like this for maybe 2 hours and then finally made her way to her belly without fully waking up. Or at least didn’t freak out if she did wake up 🙌🏼.

I think I did make the mistake of not waiting 10 minutes for her to cry for me to go in and nurse. Honestly, I was actually sleeping and enjoying it, and before I knew it I was nursing her 😂. Nursed her and put her right back down. But she didn’t go back to sleep. I think she was just up for the day. So at 6:15 we got up (which I’d prefer 7, but this will do l! Hahah) my goal is to get on a 7:30 bed time 7 wake up time.

She also must have pooped after I nursed her. I was super surprised when I changed her this morning since she NEVER has a morning poop anymore hahaha. So that could contribute to why she wouldn’t go back to sleep. I’m assuming I would have been able to smell it if that’s why she woke up to begin with… but that could be a factor as well hahaha.

Progress. Progress. Progress.
One day at a time!”

CIO Night 5 Recap

We are making waves, and we are riding them in STYLE! Yes, using the Cry it Out [CIO] method is hard, and we ran into interesting road blocks [ ahemmmmm sitting up to sleep miss finn]. But each night, well besides the second night, it was getting better and better.

It wasn’t easy making the decision to go for the CIO method, you can read about how we made that decision here, Sleep Training Decisions. If you are curious as you how we got to THIS point, you can check out all our other updates and caps here, Sleep is a Precious Thing.

CIO night 5 review.

Posted by Alyssa Rae Barnes on Sunday, October 1, 2017

Our CIO Journey: Sleep Is a Precious Thing

Sleep training. I have learned SO MUCH! I have learned each night is a new surprise. I had moms teach me SOOOOO many different methods, which was amazing! I had back up plans for the back up plans for when something didn’t go in my favor. (Yes, it has happened A LOT!) We had some major decisions that needed to be made, we started off with Sleep Training Decisions. I will not tell you this has been “easy” because I can confidently laugh in your face and then fall into your arms and cry; and say that THIS IS HARD! Being a parent is HARD. Making decisions that shape another [human] life is HARD!! I mean seriously, who gave us permission to do this!? :p

Whatever it is we decide to do; whatever we feel is the best for these little mini me’s attached to our leg – or boob- or hip… I hope that we stick together. Take advice without complaining someone is pushing a method down your throat, or showing another parent under the bus because we don’t know the circumstances. I think we all can agree we are all RIGHT and we are all WRONG!

Check out below each of the different nights we documanted during this journey!! If you have any specific questions about what we did, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below 🙂

Cry It Out: In the Moment Of Night One

The Morning After CIO Night One

CIO Night Two and the Morning After

CIO Journey: Recap of Nights 4 & 5

CIO Journey: Recapping Nights 6 & 7

Our CIO Journey: Night 2 and the morning After

Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road… I feel like this is a signature path we are on. This journey is HARD, but it is also so rewarding.  Sleep is important, not just so we aren’t crabby, but as a growing child, sleep is needed for development. Sleep training can be difficult, read about Sleep Training Decisions , or the other nights on our journey here, Sleep is a Precious Thing.

CIO Night Two update.

Night two was by far the HARDEST night of them all. She was on and off for basically a full 7 hours. She wasn’t upset the whole time, but ugh the frustration of a child sitting up sleeping is something I wouldn’t wish anyone else to ever have to deal with! Looking back I am SOOOO glad that I stuck it out. This was a major turning point for us! The only thing I wish I would have done earlier was practice laying down with her. SHOWING her how she could lay down on her own.


Day 3, the morning after CIO night 2

Nap time 😴 Has anyone used CIO for night be not naps or naps by not night or night but not middle of the night or naps? I'm sure it's best to do it all at once but she needs to sleep, right🤔🤐

Posted by Alyssa Rae Barnes on Friday, September 29, 2017

The Morning After CIO Night One

Have you decided to start sleep training? Did you even know that was actually a thing? Psshhh because as a new mom I had NO IDEA! Sure, I heard people talking about crying it out, and honestly, I was just against letting my baby cry and cry and cry. But let me tell you, things changed after MONTHS of zero sleep. When my daughter was about 10 months old and waking every 20 mins, I was a walking zombie; something needed to change. You can read more about Sleep Training Decisions for additional inforamtion!

If you missed the videos from our first night, during and after letting her cry it out you can back track here and see those videos.

Check out my video on my recap of night one; the morning after :p

The morning after: CIO

Posted by Alyssa Rae Barnes on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Cry It Out: In The Moment Of Night One

Check out my Facebook LIVE I did from night one of resorting to the cry it out [CIO]. If you want to read more on how we made the decision to try out the CIO method, you can read about that right here, Sleep Training Decisions!

I would also like to add, in case you don’t continue to follow the other nights, and morning afters of our CIO journey, we did end up taking out the DockAtot. I wouldn’t recommend STARTING to use one when they are older. There are age restrictions for a reason :p (keep scrolling for a night one UPDATE video!)

CIO. Night one

Posted by Alyssa Rae Barnes on Tuesday, September 26, 2017


CIO night one : update

Posted by Alyssa Rae Barnes on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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