Shakeo to go!

shakeo to go

I’m testing something new out today!! I put my shakeology in a to go coffee cup! My smoothie straw even fits into the “sip hole”??? I don’t know what it’s called! Haaha

When I take my shakeology for breakfast I don’t have anywhere to wash it out! The bathroom is in a different building.

Now instead of it burning my eyes 7 hours (or two day :x) later when I go to wash it out, I can just throw this away!!!

Wineglass Marathon: Take Two

I signed up last year to do the Wineglass marathon. I was SO EXCITED! A lot happened last year through out training and I just wasn’t into it, body or mind. Which is just impossible if you are training for a marathon, you honestly, truly need to be IN it! I just wasn’t and I made the decision to defer it. (thank goodness for that option!)

Here I am here now to give you the amazing news! I am committing once again to the Wineglass marathon!!!! Stay tuned for my training and my progress! I can’t wait to share this journey with you!

marathon announcent

Million Dollar Office Without the HUGE Price Tag!

I would have dreams about what my home office would look like one day. I just honestly never thought that it would ever happen!! I was like, okayy I guess I will settle for working from the couch and coffee table! HA!! That is actually how I have worked up until about a week or two ago! Now, I am in heaven! See my first desk selfie VVVV

New Desk Selfie

This room I am sitting in looks like it is placed in a whole new house!! I used to have GROSS orange/yellow/rust colored walls. Then the carpet, was blue, maybe it was green at one time?? -i really don’t know!- But before I moved in my fiance had roommates and those roommates lived in this room. So guys in dirty boots and clothes tracking in and out daily, it was a room used hard, that’s for sure. Which is totally fine, just not really office appropriate! However, roommates moved out, junk piled up, and it was time for a change!


So here are my tips on how to get a great looking office with out the huge price tag!

1. Invest in a good paint. If you get a good paint you won’t have to buy gallon after gallon. I bought 1 gal of primer and 1 gal of paint. (the room is a fairly large room) Still had some paint left over for touch ups that I have saved in two mini mason jars! Better paint, lasts longer, covers up DARK, GROSS colors, and a little goes a long way!

2. Get berber carpet. This carpet is fairly cheap compared to others out there. It is nice for office chairs, and I think gives the room a nice finished look. Also, you don’t feel like you are still in the living room. -feng shui right?

3. Go to a local furniture discount store, or scratch and dent store. You don’t need to buy brand new for your stuff to look AWESOME! We got an all wood L shaped desk with a hutch for around $400!! You can get something for that price that will probably fall apart in 3 months and is made out of the plywood stuff. Get REAL furniture, even if it has a few dings, they are super easy to fix with a wood colors marker (yup, they make those!) everyone thinks this desk was $2,000!!


4.Get your accessories on sale!! Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, TJ Maxx and other store like these are perfect for wall hangings, clocks and other odds and ends you might want or need to spruce things up! The clock I got for 50% off at Hobby Lobby, and I feel in love with it. I am not kidding when I say it is one of my favorite things in the entire house! I also got a mail holder the same color as the clock for $8 at Home goods along with a $7 wall hanging that is square are and says DREAM big SPARKLE more SHINE bright. I also got my curtains at Burlington Coat Factory for $12!

If you redo your office, share a picture in the posts below!

Free Giveaway for January Fitness Resolution DOERS!

As I think back to the first workout program I ever “tried” to do, all I can remember is failing miserably . I think I got maybe a month (tops) into p90x and then the excuses started pouring in! Yes I was doing it with one friend so I honestly probably lasted longer than I would have on my own.

This is why I take my challenge groups SERIOUSLY! I want to make them fun, informative, motivating, and worth while for you, because I KNOW that it is the secret ingredient to staying motivated long enough to either:
#1: finish the program with awesome results
Orrrr what I know is going to happen
#2: Finish with awesome results and make a lifestyle change.

That “lifestyle” change is the big picture here, and it’s my job to help you see that, and then get there!


My next group starts Feb 1st!! Did I mention you will get a few free gifts to help you stay on track! Even a personalized calendar for the workout program you choose!

All you have to do is apply here to reserve a spot, and I will email you with more information 🙂 >> 

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