Monkee-ing Around

I think it is time for a little ART!! I have been posting a lot about fitness and recipes, but I don’t think I have posted a single thing about what I have been up to, art-wise, this semester! This semester I am actually having a lot of fun in my art classes. I am taking Advanced Digital Art, Introductory Photography, 3D Design, and aFeminist of Readings of Culture (or something like that).

Obviously you know I am know going to be posting about my English class, because I am the Fitness Artist!! Today I want to share a piece of my work that I submitted to an exhibition that was being put on the in town I go to school. It was called Cover of a Cover. Now, the rules were pretty simple, all we had to do, basically, was recreate an album cover! Of course there were a few other rules, but for those not entering, you don’t need to know them! I was pretty excited about this exhibition, they put posters up every year for it, but I never seemed to have the time to submit anything.

I am just as grateful for music as the next person, but I’m honestly not that “into it” I guess you could say. I know words to songs, but I never know the name of the song or the artist. There are tons of songs that people tell me are CLASSICS, yet I have never even heard of them 😡 The task of picking out an album to recreate was kind of hard for me to do. It is always easy to create art when you are passionate about what you are working on. Since I am not a music expert, I figured I would go with some thing that I am kind of familiar with, yet could do a little research and find what I needed to and not have any problems. Soooooo the album cover I chose to redo was, the Monkees!!!


Looking at this cover, to me, it is BORING! hahah. I mean, it does its purpose, shows unity and all that. But, I like COLOR!!! You will probably never see me do any type of art work that is black and white. If you do, it was probably mandated by the teacher! However, back to this cover. I like the picture of the Monkees all together and showing a fun side, but I get very distracted by the YELLOW song titles! If anything, those can go on the back, not BAMMM in your face yellow right there!

So initially I was going to recreate the same photo, but in a cartoon aspect. Then i disregarded that quickly, because well, its MY art, not someone else’s. So I did a little research on these boys. I looked up other art work, adds, posters, and a few other things. Then I started me piece! i didn’t have a full plan, just knew that I wanted to incorporate the 60-70’s “groovey” look to it. I started with making cartoon heads for each band member, assigned them each a color, incorporated their instrument into it, and WAAH-LAA!! done!


Roasted Root Medley

This dish right here is one of my all time favorites!! If you would have told me the ingredients in this AMAZING dinner, I would have never even touched it 😡

If you look back to some of the older posts, I did the Beachbody Ultimate Reset (, and one of the reasons was to broaden my food palette. I was such a picky eater! I loved pasta and pizza, and didn’t stray too far from those two foods. Once I started on a healthier lifestyle (after I outgrew my ” I can eat whatever I want and not gain a single pound” years) I decided I needed to find recipes that I LOVED, and WANTED to eat! Which, let’s be honest, it can be challenging at first! Sooo, the Ultimate Reset really helped me out, and of course a little weight loss was on the PLUS side!

The one recipe that I loved and I STILL make very often is the Roasted Root Medley. I am not sure if this is the exact recipe, I think I have changed bits and pieces here and there to make it my own (I really don’t remember!)

So the ingredients are super cheap and easy to find!


  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Sweet Potato
  • Onion
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Pink Himalayan Salt


Now, of course you will first want to wash your vegetables! I like seeing dirt, because  know there is a lower chance of weird waxes or anything on them! When you live in the middle of PA it makes it a little hard to get fresh fruits and vegetables from a farmers market all year round. I do what I can and buy from them while I can though!

image_1Step one: Wash the carrots! I usually use one large, or 2 small/medium carrots. It all just depends on how much you want to make! 2-3 small carrots are enough for about 2 servings from what I have found. Then chop carrots up in about 1 inch pieces, small enough to be bite size, yet not too big that they will take forever to bake all the way through!

image_2Step two: Wash your sweet potato! I use either one large or most of two small sweet potatoes. You will be surprised how far just ONE will go! After you scrub it down, peel the skin off and any blemishes that you see. Or anything you wouldn’t want to eat :p Then, just like with the carrots, chop into about 1 inch cubes. I find that placing the sweet potatoes in the microwave for a minute or two helps tremendously for cutting purposes. The first few times I made this I may have had a large cutting knife, but recently, I just COULD NOT cut through those sweet potatoes!! I do have a small knife this time, due to moving around because I am still in college. At this point I also like to start to preheat my oven! I have an oldie so it takes A LONG TIME to heat up! Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F.


image_4Step three: Now it is time to wash and cut the beets! I had a hard time with this one! My knife kept getting stuck!! I warn you to BE CAREFUL if this happens! I didn’t hurt or cut myself, but there were a few close calls! i bet you can guess what the next step is for the beets! We have already washed them, so yup, we are cutting them into about 1 inch cubes!! I personally make them a little smaller because I have grown to “like”beets, but I don’t “love” them! HAHA! So I tend to make those cubes a little smaller. But, hey, feel free to knock yourself out with HUGE beet pieces if you would like! I won’t stop you 🙂


image_6Step four: Onion time!! Yes, the dreaded onion! I don’t know about you, but cutting onions is the WORST part of cooking! I cry and cry an cry, well tears just roll down my face! BUT!!! This time I have tamed it down just a little, if I rinse my knife under cold water between each time I make a cut, it didn’t make my eyes run too terribly! Once again, chop these babies up! These I usually am not too concerned about the size, I just chop up a few handfuls and call it a day.

image_7Now grab your EVOO and Pink Himalayan Salt!! It is time to use these ingredients!

image_8Step five: I like to then move everything to a bigger bowl if I didn’t calculate correctly the first time!! Now that there is room to toss, grab your EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and I usually put about 1-2 tablespoons in, stir everything around a little bit, and see if everything is evenly coated, if not, slowly add more until all vegetables are covered!

image_9Step six: This step is super, super easy!! Just grab a pinch or two of Pink Himalayan Salt!! Then stir in so that it is evenly distributed throughout the entire dish!


image_11Step seven: Now it is time to bake! I personally like to grab a cookie sheet and cover it with foil. (I use a TON of foil! I cook and bake with it or almost every meal!) This just makes a very easy clean up!! So I then pour all of the vegetables into this covered sheet and place it in the oven at 400 degrees F. I would let this bake for 45 minutes to an hour! But every 15-20 mins go ahead and stir these around so they don’t get dried out or burn. Scoop out, and enjoy!!


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