12 Days of Christmas Gifts for your Man!

12 days of christmas

First off, you will have to excuse the pictures! hahaha I was not blogging at the time, so they are not the BEST quality, plus this was 2 years ago (I think!), so cameras have advanced quite a bit in that time! Now, I came up with this idea and I thought it was BRILLIANT! haha However, I did not think it through, or at least all the bumps I would come across. Especially a huge one, being in a long distance relationship! Which means its is a little hard to give the gifts every day when you only see each other one the weekends. The other little bit of information I failed to make clear to myself was when the 12 Days of Christmas actually takes place!! I just thought that it was the 12 days leading up to Christmas. I thought that was PERFECT! I’ll work backwards and Christmas will be the 1st day, the biggest gift… and then work backwards. Well, that is not really how it works 😡

The REAL 12 Days of Christmas background

Most of you probably know the Christmas Carol, The 12 Days of Christmas. You know “5 GOLDEN RINGGGGGS!!!!”! After doing a little research, aka Wkipedia :p I found that there is no known meaning behind the song!

So Christmas Day is day 1 of the 12 days of Christmas, starting on December 25th! Although, depending on your culture, it might be a tradition to start it the day after Christmas, December 26th, and then continues until January 6th, AKA the Eve of the Epiphany, which is usually the last day of the Christmas season.

One thing I just read that I did not know, was that each gift is said to have significance, representing a food or sport for each month of the year.

How I did the 12 Days of Christmas

First off, we ended up doing all 12 days in ONE day 😡 opps haha my bad! I was away at school, and not doing my research, thought that it should have started on the 14th, the 12 days BEFORE Christmas. That is why in the photos you will see that he is in the same outfit haha!! Plus he DID NOT want his picture taken, so I am sure he will love that this is now a blog post :p So I started with Day 12 and worked my way backwards when presenting the gifts!

Day 12 I had 12 balloons and wrote a reason why I love him on each one!! Here are the 12 I used (remember we weren’t together very long at this point, so they don’t go too too into anything mushy hahaha.)

  1. Reasons why I love you
  2. You make me happy
  3. You make me smile
  4. You always make my day better
  5. Your personality
  6. You are trustworthy
  7. You are funny
  8. Your determination
  9. You are loving
  10. You are the perfect cuddle buddy
  11. You always put others first
  12. Merry Christmas, I love you

For day 11 I made homemade coupons. These were for back massages, full body massages, cook dinner, do laundry, I think I put in some “wild” cards as well!

Day 10 was a scrapbook that I made. It has 10 pages! Each one with a picture and a cute saying!


For day 9 I bought lottery tickets. I bought 9, $5.00 tickets. I can’t remember if he won anything off of those or not. I don’t think he did though 😡

Day 8 gift was a dinner date at 8:00 at a restaurant of his choice! (I don’t have a picture of this one!! I somehow missed it!!)

For Day 7, I did mini EVERYTHING!! Mini flashlight, mini Gin, mini Sprite, mini tool set, mini hand sanitizer, mini Tide to go pen, and mini drinking glass.

Day 6 was I think one of his favorite, a 6 pack of Corona!

For Day 5 I did a winter hat, a scarf, 2 gloves, and hand warmers! Calvin Kline, I might add 😉


The gift for day 4 was presented in a huge popcorn bowl, with 4 different snacks in it.

Day 3 I picked out 3 bottles of wine! Yummmm

For Day 2 I was creative with 2 packages of socks hahahah!!

For the “first day of Christmas” I gifted him with an ice fishing pole!

days 4-1

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  1. Super cute idea!! And could help spread out the gifts and give more time to think (and take advantage of after-Christmas sales!)

    1. Yes! I didn’t even think about the sales you can find after Christmas!!! Good call, Aubrie!

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